Ask Not What Your Country Can do For You.

The Indian Armed Forces have risen to every occasion when the country or its people have raised a call of distress and looked for help and assistance. No matter what the occasion whether it was the Gujarat Earthquake of 2001, The Tsunami of 2004 or the Jammu & Kashmir Earthquake of October 2005. Even though they too had been affected by those tragedies they wasted no time or spared no effort to bring relief and rescue to their fellow countrymen in their hour of need.

In the last one week we have seen this exemplary character and dedication to duty yet again. The Indian Navy was quick to move into Beirut, Lebanon to evacuate thousands of Indians working there from the War that had suddenly broken out.Those evacuated were ordinary workers who had no other means of escape. The Navy sent in 4 warships INS Mumbai, INS Brahmaputra, INS Shakti and INS Betwa to ferry the Indians to safety from the port of Beirut to Cyprus from where they were flown back home by the national carrier Air-India repeating its stellar performance of the First Gulf War crisis.


During the weekend the Indian Army also helped rescue a 6 year old boy, Prince who had fallen into an uncovered ditch in Kurukshetra, Haryana. The Indian Army core of Engineers dug a underground tunnel from a nearby abandoned well to pull him out after a near 50 hour ordeal.


Also July 26th, 2006 is the Seventh Anniversary of the Kargil Vijay Diwas. It was on this day back in 1999 that the Indian Army and Air Force scored a spectacular victory over the Pakistani Army which had illegally occupied the heights of Kargil.


Please pay your tributes here on this solemn occasion. Also remember some of the names of those who made the supreme sacrifice Lt col R. Vishwanathan, Major R.S. Adhikari, Major Padmapani Acharya, Squadron leader Ajay Ahuja and many, many others.

Truly the Indian Armed Forces are the pride of our Nation. No wonder they command an immense amount of respect and affection from their fellow countrymen.

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4 responses to “Ask Not What Your Country Can do For You.

  1. Raj

    Apollo anna/tamma..respect tokond yen madtya ? army sainikara sammala yeshtu gotta ? 5 savira. Chaprasi kinta kadime.

  2. very sad situation. More money is splurged on the perks and foreign travels of our politicians and bureaucrats than is given to those who work so hard and sacrifice so much for the country.

    But what can we do now? there is so much injustice and we feel so helpless to do anything 😦

  3. Apollo: Excellent tribute to the Armed Forces. Our salutations to all the brave men and women who defended our nation during Kargil despite the initial set backs do to political and intelligence errors.


  4. thanks CN. They truly deserve a lot more for what they are putting in.This is only a small tribute on my part.

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