Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest- A Fantastic Thrill Ride

One more sequel trying to cash in on the success and brand name of the first movie. To be fair Disney always planned to do a sequel to the movie that is why the first movie carried the tag The Curse of the Black Pearl. That movie made ample sense. This one simply does not. Suffice to say that if this one i.e., Dead Man’s Chest would have come out first, the whole POTC franchise would have sunk with all of Disney’s Treasure into the warm waters of the Bahamas or maybe not, with Captain Jack Sparrow steering the ship with such an electric and endearing performance it would nevertheless have found its way to the box-office treasure chest.

The last movie ended with Commander Norrington letting Captain Jack Sparrow escape with his Black Pearl. Now Norrington has resigned his commission from the Navy and the East Indian Trading Company’s new officer Lord Beckett imprisons Elizabeth and Will Turner for helping Capt Jack Sparrow in his escape.

Lord Beckett then offers Will, his and Liz’s freedom plus a full pardon to Captain Jack Sparrow if he will get the Compass with Capt Jack Sparrow which points to some treasure for him. So that he can then control the seas with this new found power. Will therefore goes looking for Capt Jack Sparrow.

At the same time Captain Jack Sparrow is visited by a shadowy character Bootstrap Bill (Will’s father) in the decks below his ship. Bill reminds Jack of his blood debt to Capt Davy Jones and reminds him that time is now running out for him to keep his word to Capt Davy Jones, The evil undead captain of The Flying Dutchman. To escape his fate Jack must now find the Dead Man’s Chest which contains the still beating heart of Captain Davy Jones and blackmail him.

Elizabeth escapes from her prison cell with the help of her father and gets Lord Beckett to sign a pardon for Capt Jack Sparrow and sets off disguised as a deckboy in one of the ships looking for Will and Jack.

Ex-Commander Norrington is trying to get his hands on the treasure and reinstate himself honourably in the East India Trading Company. He later meets Elizabeth and Captain Jack Sparrow in a bar in the Port City of Tortuga.

This is the different motives of the characters. They want the same treasure for different reasons. But the twist is added when Capt Jack Sparrow cons Will Turner into getting onto the Flying Dutchman to repay his own blood debt. Capt Davy Jones is not very impressed and demands that Capt Jack Sparrow get him 99 more souls within 3 days or else. Here in this ship Will meets up with his father Bootstrap Bill who like Capt Jack Sparrow had surrendered his soul to Davy Jones for a life of thrill and adventure and is now bound in debt to him for eternity. Now Will’s motive changes to freeing his father from the clutches of the fiendish Capt Davy Jones.

This is all there is to the movie as far as the plot is concerned the rest is just a theme park thrill ride ranging from the cannibals in a remote island who want to eat Jack to Capt Davy Jones Octopus face like appearance and a strange crew of unearthly and ghastly looking creatures and his pet giant octopus Kraker which specialises in breaking up big ships whose crew have displeased capt Davy Jones.

The entire self-interests and motives of the characters gets played out on the open sand beach of a beautiful breathtaking island where Capt Jack Sparrow, Will, Liz and Norrington together recover the Dead Man’s Chest.Will wants to destroy the heart to free his father, Jack wants to keep Jones alive and blackmail him, Norrington wants it to take it to Lord Beckett to aggrandize himself and Capt Davy Jones lands there in time to save his own heart from being taken over by others.

The movie ends in a strange To be continued in the third part mode.

The Movie is held together by the Brilliant performance of Johnny Depp as Capt Jack Sparrow. Keira knightley looks sweet as usual and Orlando Bloom acts as if he is from a old style shakespearean theatre. The rest of the crew are also fantastic and a ten out of ten to Cinematography, special effects and a well paced direction. Overall a must see.



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