Bomb found in Bangalore Bus


A crude bomb was found in an Bangalore BMTC Bus late night yesterday. At first the conductor who found it is reported to have thought that it might be some Black magic powder and he actually carried the package out of the Bus and put it on the platform. But after seeing “some wires” hanging out of the package he got suspicious and called in the authorities.

Bangalore is not very alert about security issues unlike Delhi or Mumbai. Very surprising considering the city hosts a big Army Base and several Defence production and R&D institutions plus of course the famed IT/BPO companies. There is no security drill here ever, and the police are happy carrying lathis, growing potbellies and flicking some easy money out of street hawkers and harassing innocent motorists.

The very fact that the conductor, a “trained” public services personnel failed to report a suspicious package immediately and instead carried it outside the bus himself is cause for concern. If this is his level of alertness what does it say of the ordinary members of the public?

As usual the inept Government has decided to lock the stable door after the horse has bolted. They have now “tightened” security with the help of the Bangalore police (with their lathis, potbellies and outstretched greasy hands) at all important public places like bus stations, rail stations, airports and of course their own houses and cars.



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25 responses to “Bomb found in Bangalore Bus

  1. Is there an e-mail I can contact you on?

  2. Sam


    whats up dear friend

  3. Santosh

    Hey Raj

    hope u get this message.

    let us exchange email addresses and I have quite a few things to discuss

  4. Raj

    Hey Apollo, hey Santosh..

    this is a great blog !! Will bookmark it. Keep writing Apollo..

  5. Sam

    Hi Raj

    Apollo and myslef have been witing to get your email since long. We have already exchanged emails.

    Would you mind giving yours so that we can disicuss some vital points.

    As this blog comments can be read?

    Or if your apprehensive, apollo’s email is above write to him and we can email to each other.

  6. Raj

    Bangalore is very susceptible to terrorist attack – since it is very close to the Golkonda region on Andhra, which is the hub of jihadis. Also – lot of muslims in Bangalore. So no lack of local support.

  7. Sam


    My friend…there are very few like us.

    Need your email.

    Can you give it.

    This cannot be discussed on a blog.

    Apollo and I have been giving you alot of subtle hints at DC to come to this blog…but you were on a rampage….

  8. Raj

    Hi Sam , good to see you here.

  9. Raj

    Guys – I already am a regular at many blogs and forums , its difficult to interact everywhere. Else I will lose my job :))

    You guys are doing a great job. Have fun !!

  10. Sam

    Ok…if that suits you.

    People like us are very few or handful and i wanted to convey a few things to you.

    Also probably meet up.

  11. Raj

    Sure Sam – I’ll be here regularly…

    … need to link up with Bangalore’s premier bloggers like Nitin Pai of Acorn and Sandeep , of…

    ..we need a community of nationalist bloggers…. just like they have conservative bloggers in US. Our blogs tend to be centrist at best (like Amit Varma) or out and out leftist (moron D’Souza)..

  12. Sam

    Do you have a blog?

    I really need to convey something to you.

  13. Raj

    Sam ..nope..writing a decent blog requires skill, which i dont have :(( I am just a lurker and sometimes commentator..

  14. Sam

    I think you have all the skills..Your comments say it all.

    You speak facts like no one else dares to. They hit so hard that no one can take it.

    That is your skill. I am sick of people sounding diplomatic and trying to sound nicey nicey to accomodate muslims. Like they say in Hindi “make them sit on our heads”.

    It sucks full time.

    If this continues….that day won’t be far when our children will asked to convert to Islam if they want to live.

    That is why you must blog.

    This is what I wanted to convey to you and plus some more things(if you oblige by giving your email ID)

    PS: do not go by my name.

  15. Raj

    Yaar..Sam and others..come to

    click on the comments section there… that is where I get all my material… some very smart people interact in that site.

  16. Sam

    I am sick of the attitude that if we have to be called secular(the most misused word) we must appease and please and take all the nakras of muslims.

    If we do not…then we are termed fanatics.


    They win both ways.

    Therefore you must blog. You write great and let me put it this way:

    If you want to give something back to Modi -your leader, blogging must be your gift.

    I am telling you , you have the skills to blog.

  17. Sam

    R u listening!

  18. oops sorry i was out and logged in only now. sam and raj, u guys have a point. we need to be properly organised like in the west. I’am a regular at NI. i have interacted with both Nitin and cynical nerd though not with sandeep. raj pls mail me at the above address. it will get routed to my regular email id. i did not want to put my email id on the comments section. sam already has my email id.

    sam if u don’t mind i will be deleting comment no 10 for u know why 🙂

    raj thanks for the compliment.

  19. Sam

    why will you delete comment 10

    This is your blog we have nothing to be afraid of.

    btw: what was comment 10

  20. Sam

    Hey Apollo

    Thanks for letting us use your forum. It is a good thing you are back.

    Raj is a tough guy and he does not seem to trust us with his email ! I have already suggested to him to write to you and then we can exchange emails.

    But never mind….it was my lucky day that I got his attention admidst all the hot arguments in DC.

  21. that’s good sam. i’am very happy to see u both here. It is very tough to be a nationalist nowadays. what with so many fifth columnists running this government.

  22. Sam

    nationalist—-it is so hard…it drains me out.

  23. Sam

    whoaaa….did u read his last comment to Temporal at DC…

    …he said it all.

    That is the theory of Muslims.

    And he says he cannot blog. 😉

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