Radio Mirchi: The Horror of Bangalore


Radio Mirchi and its RJs need a big bump on their head. First they holler in a lingo that is neither Kannada nor English.Some smart alecs have coined the term Kanglish to describe the new khichdi tongue. Then they have a second rung line up of Pee Jokers (PJs) who cut jokes that make one cry in frustration or laugh at the one who is making them and never at the joke itself.Latest Shining examples:

Joke No 1:

First Nut: I heard John Abraham is getting a new hairstyle. He is shaving off all the hair on his head.

Second Nut: Saaaaaaarrr! There will be style. but there is no hair na.

Joke No 2:

First Nut : Saaaaaarrrr I heard Bipasha Basu has signed on a new Big Banner movie

Second Nut: ohieeee!! ohieeee!! Is that why John Abraham has shaved off all his hair.

Me and My fellow Bangaloreans who dare to tune into Radio Mirchi 93.3 FM are assaulted with this inane stuff everyday ;(.

If this was not enough for some reason RM decided to move Five Up??!!

For three days listeners in Bangalore were subject to the “publicity blitz” of the launch of a Brand new Energy drink.

Instead of crooning “Radio Mirchi- Sakkath Hot Magaa” at every opportunity they began to scream “Radio Mirchi- Its Five Up Magaa“. They even went out on the streets and bothered the public about the “new Energy drink”. Whether they had seen it? No one had, Ofcourse. Whether they thought it belonged to Pepsi or Coca-Cola? Public gave some answer and they also asked Whether they thought it would come packed in a tetrapack or in bottles? No one had a clue.

One RJ feigned that he was irritated(so were we) that he had to “promote” this new energy drink without even knowing what it was. He probably did not realise that the listeners did not care either. They just wanted to listen to some songs or atleast hear RJ Rachana or Dr Love if at all they were ill-fated to be subjected to the inane drones of Radio Mirchi RJs.

Atlast the D-Day arrived. No one except the campaign manager was thrilled by now. The thirsty public of Bangalore drowning in the Monsoon floods were in his opinion eager to know about the new “Energy drink”. Then the “bombshell” was dropped.

It was not a Energy drink after all. It was only a publicity campaign to say that Radio Mirchi was moving “Five Up” to 98.3 Mhz from August 1.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! 😦



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37 responses to “Radio Mirchi: The Horror of Bangalore

  1. a very good blog
    i agree its a pathetic stattion.. i dont like it eventhough i am a kannadiga
    91 is still the best

  2. thank u for the compliment. RC 91 has got too many ads. Go FM 94.3 has also started now. let’s see how this one comes up.

  3. viswanath R

    I prefer to listen kannada numbers only. i hope radio mirchi will understand the local feelings also. otherwise invaders will only tune to their channel

  4. Kumar

    Shame on Radio city and Radio Mirchi for not playing Kannada in Bangalore. the very smae stations do not have guts to play atleast one Hindi or English song in Chennai, TBoth will play only Tamil for 24 hrs. This attitude towards local language Kannada will surely make them suffer.
    We know Chennai people dont have attitude of accomadating people of other languages but just because bangalore weelcomes everybody it does not mean that you take Kannada as granted.

  5. Kumar, Radio mirchi has begun to play kannada songs and radio city already has a kannada slot i think mostly during weekends. But yes they should do more.

  6. Quaker

    Hi Guys,

    I really think radio mirchi sucks like hell, But i had a false image or radio city that it was the number one FM station in india , and even if it is number one or not it really sucks in Bangalore.

  7. chetan

    I think along with Radio city and Radio mirchi, the new FM Radio one 94.3 also sucks. why you may ask. It is because they only play Hindi songs 24 hours. Radio city plays only 2 hours of kannada music. They can’t even play other genres of English other than pop music. These peoples taste sucks!
    It is not fair on their part to take kannada songs and kannadigas for granted. Play atleast 10 hours of kannada music on each FM. We are not asking for 24 hours like Tamilnadu and Andhra pradesh, give us just 10 hours, it is enough for your cruel attitude. And we also need a 24 hour exclusive kannada FM channel.

  8. I heard tht Go 92.5 has rocked the city while whn it has changed the name it has plyed all hitsn is rocking the city

  9. S.Jayakumar

    I like the Radio City, Radio Mirchi and No.One Fm -all private channels to broadcast the Kannada, Hindi and English songs like the following time table:
    Kannada Hindi English
    00-00 to 3-00 am RC RM No.1
    03-00 to 6-00 am RM No.1 RC
    06-00 to 9-00 am N0.1 RC RM
    09-00 to 13-00 RC RM No.1
    13-00 to 18-00 RM No.1 RC
    18-00 to 24-00 No.1 RC RM
    This type of synchronosing programmes would definitely benefits all listeners for all the 24 hours. Why can’t the private fms try this?

  10. S.Jayakumar

    The suggestion is that all private fms broadcast Kannada , Hindi and English songs in different timings and help the local listeners of their choice without conflictions

  11. Madhusudhan


    Every day it’s horrible to listen to radio mirchi while traveling to / from Office in Bangalore , as the driver and cleaners are really impressed with this channel , as they love this language of “ Sakkat Hot Maga “ , “ elvodru budak illa” , “ Budla Moga “ etc ,

    As its their native language spoken in certain parts of this land , I wish Radio Mirchi does something more to impress travelers other than drivers and cleaners

  12. anish

    that joke was very good. i want ur contact nos of bangalore

  13. Ashwini

    RadioMirchi has a horrible prize winners followup..A call is made to the winner initially and no details are provided of when,how and where the prizes will be sent.I think all this is a promotional activity and there is no intention to reward the winners. It is sad that a Radio station in its budding years is getting into the bad books of many listeners and winners..Hope this message reaches the right people at radiomirchi…

  14. Ashwini is that so? Can u tell me ur own experience with them? I think this is a serious issue which need s to be highlighted publicly. pls mail me. my email id is in the About Page at the top :).

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  16. Me

    Ppl can anyone tell me if u guys have won radio mirchi maalamaal and if this is really true… If yes wat have u guys won and do they really call back

  17. Voice


    Radio should have freedom to play what they wanted and for targeted audiance.

    think the times there is only one radio station bradcasting kannada , people who understand kannada they listen others look for some other , similarly if some FM plays only english or hindi then only intrested people will listen , now people have lot many station to listen .

    what about WorldSpace radio , why can’t people complain that Radio BOB , Orbit Rock or some of the station on Worldspace radio only play English
    brodcasting from bangalore dosnt mean they must brodcast kannada , the brodcaster sped corores of money for lisense to play according to listenrs intrest and choice not for kannadigas or for any spesific types.

    why these language thing is coming in Radio?
    demanding the Radios station to play a xyz language contents is pathatic and very soon the station will close.

    Remeber Radio City when it statred and also for first one year they only played English and it run well , because of this so called people who are crazy about the thire language , they forced the station to play Kannada contents ……

    Radio is very greate thing in Europe and America thire they have 100 of FM , they dont force the station to play a spesific language content
    and even they have some indian laguage Radio’s
    no body syas why Radio brodcasting some indian lag.

    so stop this crap about asking radio’s to play regianl content.

  18. tia

    im impressed! and i agree with you voice… no point in talking about independence 24/7. respect all the fm stations for what they are and for the hard work they have put in to entertain us.. If u dont like a channel tune into another channel….
    guys,,, complaints at 1 side… have u ever wondered how hard an rj tries to connect to his or her audience… put yourself in their place and then talk… do we make any difference in nybody’s life? they do….
    remember v listeners make a station good… if we go hand in hand, ul realise every station has their plusses and minuses…
    all of u are right in your own places… but the day u look at the brighter side, u wont find much faults… afterall no 1 is perfect.

  19. Shalz

    playing a kannada song…can proove fatal for any radio station……

    radio mirchi plays tamil songs in TN ..but they dun play kannada songs in Blore…….and teh reason is obvious………
    Kannada songs SUCKZ

  20. Vinodh

    Radio One does a good job of playing hindi and kannada songs alternatively, at all hits that too. Wish they could chip in some Telugu and Tamil music as well, as Bangalore has equally strong telugu n tamil migrants. But radio city still holds on with a mix of old and variety songs, but too much of ads of late. They outdo others in celebrity interviews etc. which makes up interesting listenership. Radio Mirchi does’nt match up with the elite image of its counterparts, more so due to its cheap language. RM does a good job of mixing hindi n kannada here in b’lore compared to RM in Hyd which plays only telugu most of the times, may be so because kannada lacks hit music.

  21. Vinodh

    Hey all… did u check out the latest on the b’lore’s FM turf.. strictly for those elite western english music buffs… its Radio Indigo @ 91.9 FM exclusive to bangalore. More info @



  24. radio indigo rocks because it plays western music

  25. [edited]

    jai kannada
    jai karnataka.

  26. Bangalorean

    i stay in blore, but it does not mean that every person staying in blore is kannadiga, people love kannada but that does not mean that should only listen to kannada songs, and moreover in this era of globalisation we are talking like this, it is really a shame!!! cause we never question different dialects companies opening up in blore then why are we complaining abt radio stations playing different languages…
    do the ppl staying here from different parts of the world dont have rights to listen to their langauge songs on radio ????

  27. Pappu

    Radio mirchi sucks to the core they anounce the winner especially in shruthi and rachanas program and they dont do any kind of follow up I HATE RADIO MIRCHI.They are bullshit

  28. vimala

    I agree with you completely Pappu they did the same thing with me they are mean i hate them too

  29. S.Jayakumar

    “a bangalorean” has stated that fms should broadcast all language songs in Bangalore. OK.
    Let Chennai fms broadcast kannada songs in all its fm channels- then Bangalore will also broadcastTamil songs otherwise sorry mr.bangalorean go to those states and listen those language songs- Bangalore is not a choultry

  30. start separate fms for various lang. in bangalore like kannda,hindi,telugu etc

  31. start kannda fm in bangalore which plays only kannada songs and even fm s in other lang. can be started in bangalore like hindi,telugu.
    so the peoplewill switch on to their lang.



  33. suresh

    i think S FM is satisying your requirement. it is playing kannada songs only. any comments

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