On the Right Track for Once

The Indian Government is taking steps to evacuate Indian citizens stranded in Lebanon. According to the Indian Express. “With the situation in Lebanon becoming increasingly dangerous, about 100 Indians have been evacuated out of the country and over 1,000 others gathered on Wednesday at Beirut jetty to be moved out by four Indian warships which sailed into the harbour”.

The Indian Embassies have a horrendous reputation of being callous and careless about the plight of Indians who have gone abroad for various reasons ranging from travel, business, work etc… and are caught up with problems ranging from lost passport and luggage to abuse by employers. Plus they are famous for their tardy response during times of crisis.

This is a step in the right direction and hopefully is the first step in the much needed all round improvement.

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2 responses to “On the Right Track for Once

  1. Lets hope they do a good job in Lebanon.

    You have spoken about the bad reputation of the govt when there is a crisis abroad. What about apna desh? Recently so many people have commented as to why we cannot do what Israel has been doing for the safety of its citizens.

    Point is that despite all the info revolution and mass communicateion the individual is where was before.

  2. Hiren i was referring to the non support of the Indian Embassies to Indians working abroad. so much so that even a saudi blogger mentioned it time and time again. plus ofcourse the recent ferry disaster in the UAE when so many Indians were killed but the Indian Media and the MEA simply went about as if nothig really happened.

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