Gift Exchange: A Bloody Fool Or Whatever You feel like Calling Him


Indian Dhimmi Gifting Pakistani $25 Million to help it fund terrorism against Indian Civilians. To rub salt into the wound Pakistan willfully chose the same date for bombing Innocent Indian civilians in Mumbai and Srinagar.

This Photo was taken on July 11, 2006. Do u still think the Indian Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) is acting in India’s Best Interests?



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10 responses to “Gift Exchange: A Bloody Fool Or Whatever You feel like Calling Him

  1. Sam

    oh no…when did this happen.

    Make a post of this in DC. this needs to be there.

    Donot sound critical but make it sound that INDIA is such a good loving blah blah country that it is helping pakistan and only wishes best for it.

    And see how SIMI is attacking mumbai…

  2. Sam, this image is shocking in itself. A picture equal to a thousand words.

  3. sam


    Our money going to them to kill us,

    What the hell is poverty over in India.

    What the victims in our country.

  4. sam

    did u get my email

  5. I did and i also replied to ur mail.

  6. RS

    This is nothing. If a piple line is laid through Pakistan to
    India from Iran we will be paying $600 million as transit fee per year..
    How about that!

  7. With that kinda money they can buy a whole F-16 fleet every year :).

  8. Sam

    and use that to kill us Huh??

    what the hell?

  9. Keep rolling! I have you under my scanner! -:)

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