The Red-Green Show

The Mumbai 7/11 Blasts is the second worst terror attack on the city ever. As usual the below template refined and perfected by now, since the last bombings in 1993 was followed religiously by the Red Brigade consisting of Media, journalists, intellectuals, a few bloggers etc…

If you are a budding hypocrite, pseudo-intellectual, Fifth columnist err….Newspaper columnist etc… please do make use of this template and you will be just fine. If you are lucky and provided you have grovelled and licked boots and made a complete ass of yourself you might even win yourself a Pulitzer or a CNN franchise or a mention in the Mitrokhin Archives-Part 5.

Day 1: “I’m shocked and horrified at this…”
Day 2: “Why didn’t our security people do more…”
Day 3: “You have no evidence to claim that…”
Day 4: “We need to find The Root Causes…”
Day 5: “Terrorism is a relative word…”
Day 6: “How dare you round up…”
Day 7: “The state is the real terrorist…”

Please do personalize the above template with regards to place, time, situation etc… for example if its Mumbai please attach salaam_mumbai.pps praising Mumbai’s collective feeling of contempt at our politicians that they won’t do anything anyway so why not get on with our lives as Mumbai’s resilience.

And do not forget to add the standard attachment XYZ_Condemn_in_strongest_terms.doc all that you have to do is replace XYZ by the name of the VIP and issue it immediately. The excel file All_Those_VIPs_Who_Need_To_Issue_Statements.xls is in the same folder where i keep those sleazy MMS’es. Please don’t mix it up with the list of all the Madams and Pimps in South Delhi which i think is also in the same folder.

Blame the Chaddis, don’t worry they are not really that ferocious.They only bark but don’t bite. Arrey even my old, half-senile pooch who has lost all her teeth and can barely see growls whenever she comes across a Chaddi. They are only fit for making Chaddi marches and burning BEST buses after asking all the passengers to get down and carrying the old ladies to safety.

It is like Bush blaming Saddam that he had WMD’s. One has to create paper tigers to fight against because as you very well know fighting the real lions is not very wise.

Add Gujarat_200000000_killed.scr. You can use this file for eternity. Even when Osama’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchild bombs the Martian city of Zilkolis in 2288 AD.Your great-great-great-great-great-great-great granchild can use this file to say why Osama the Eighth’s ancestor had got alienated and since then all his future progeny remained alienated and were hence forced to bomb infidel civilians. And please don’t forget to hide Godhra.doc it can land you in big trouble.

Be creative, emotions sell. One blogger said that his sister almost got on one of the trains near Bandra before she decided to take a Autorickshaw instead.This forms a instant bonding with the readers. It has got elements of a Alfred Hitchcock thriller Will she, Won’t she. Then at the end she doesn’t and the audience heaves a collective sigh of relief. nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Remember the Pulitzer.

Don’t forget to remind the audience that you were the first on the scene and your CNN Master is thrilled with you. Forward those emails to your staff and raise their spirit.OK, that is all when you become the Boss. Now you are only a Nincompoop. So stop Day Dreaming and get back to work.Fill in this Story for me now.

“Jehadis join in the Class Struggle by bombing only First Class coaches.Workers Paradise not far away Now!!”

Daily India , Delhi Newsline, Toronto Star, New York Times, International Herald Tribune

“It is like a Russian roulette – one does not know when will the next blast take place”– Quote by a Class Enemy

And if you were wondering, it is right here. It appeared at last.

Update: More gleefull handwringing by the leftist Media that the Class Enemy was targetted by the Jehadis.

The Red-Green Show Picks up Steam, Samajwadi party leader Abu Azmi

The Full Blooded Reds speak out, Indo-Pak talks should continue :CPI

Barkha Dutt strikes back with her “advice” for India’s Unconditional Surrender to Terrorism. The Piss process should go on no matter what you see. What is a few hundred dead? The cause of the Piss process is Greater.

TOI’s Favourite Gujarati Angle, Attacks retaliation for Gujarat riots?


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22 responses to “The Red-Green Show

  1. sam

    sanjay is responding in DC. BtW your article is damn good. You are good with words, but these people who live in a dream world are still in slumber.

  2. Thanks for the appreciation Sam. These dumb idiots will never add 2 and 2 together. u know that idiot Mayank he even implied that he would have been Ok if his sister with 2 young kids had gotten killed in the blasts because those who perpetrated this crime were “alienated” by Gujarat CM??!!!! I don’t think u can get any lower than that. But with these nuts u can never say.

  3. sam

    As I said they live in a bubble , I simply fail to understand. The blasts in Mumbai were black and white.

    Still they persist that SIMI was not involved!

    Modi got re-elected still they persist that he fueled the riots.

    WTC tradegy occurred still they blame Bush for Afgan and Iraq war. They have lost and refuse to see the sequence of events ie who did what first.

    btw what is your email ID and also provide me with Raj’s email ID.

  4. Yeas either they ae doing that because they are dumb and blind or they have other motives. that is what i tried to touch up on in my post. hope i made justice to the subject. btw, i have sent u a test mail. I don’t have raj’s email id. even i know him only thru DC.

  5. sam

    If you sent me a test email I shall not receive it. That is only an email I put to avoid anyone else getting it.

    Raj is busy picking a fight with jane fan club now.

    And he wont read a message that I posted on another post that is asking him to read your post.

  6. sam

    ok got it.

    will mail you tomorrow about my views.

  7. sam

    r u on the live on the austen club….a good read now.

  8. i’am enjoying it 😉

  9. sam

    me too. looks like the DC editors are not editing anything now. It is an open ground.

  10. They will once they see it. but until then the damage is already done. mayank would have become “alienated” just like his jehadi brethren and he will blow up the local pub to drown his sorrows

  11. sam

    I cant wait for auten’s next post. if ever that is.

  12. sam

    so what will that be on…

    the ruhtless christians or the decieving Bal Thackeray

  13. sam

    so what will that be on…

    the ruhtless christians or the decieving Bal Thackeray or modi or gujaratis or rajites

  14. maybe it will be a adult post 😉

  15. sam

    If he never comes back ie one person taken care of.

  16. wrong. he will go someplace else. and frankly he is a nobody. the people who control the MSM are the real culprits who need to be taken care of.

  17. sam

    MSM?? what is that

  18. sam

    Like Rajdeep, Bharka, Pranoy and all the bloody asses on NDTV and Star news. They are the sonia fan club and white skin fan club. And they love minorities and reservations.

    They are the ones who with their plush english inspire fools like several bloggers who harp on being secular and on the same side support reservations

  19. vd

    lol..fingly awesomely funny…good job

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