Mumbai Serial Blasts

There has been 6 co-ordinated serial blasts in Mumbai trains during rush hour just now. Hundreds of innocent people who had done nothing wrong have been seriously injured or killed. What was their fault anyway? Being at the wrong time and the wrong place? At this moment of tragedy our prayers should be with those who have been affected with this cowardly act of terrorism. The perpetrators of this dastardly act should be caught and severely punished.

Plus those Verbal terrorists and Liberal Extremists in the Media and so called “intellectuals” who will now seek to rationalise this act of Naked Crime against innocent civilians should be shamed in public and no quarter should be given to them at all. Enough is Enough!! This is a crime and there is no justification for this heinous act Whatsoever!!

Update: Seventh Blast reported

Mumbai Help Line – If u want information or trying to contact ur relatives or friends.pls leave a comment there or at this blog itself along with contact info. we will try to get the message across on your behalf.

Mumbai Information Page – This has the list of all the injured, those killed and list of Mumbai Hospitals

American media adopts double standards. “terrorism” happens only to “white” people. the others don’t count

shameless CNN and the Beeb

Comments from Across the World on the Internet:

Every time, you cannot be lucky. Information as to which train they are going to attack and where is not easy to come by,” said a top intelligence official engaged in counter-terror operations.

Such is our dilemma.

We try and foil plots, but are handcuffed by the rogue left media.

When we do foil plots, it’s dismissed as Rovian machinations.

When the monsters succeed, it’s “why didn’t you connect the dots?”

Can’t win when our own citizens are doing their best to destroy us.

JammieWearingFool on LGF

Do these “miscreants” have anything to do with Kashmir or is it just the usual infidel killing spree?

angst on LGF

Oh no, this raises the possibility of a backlash against muslims!

-mac on LGF

The latest count of murder victims

Thank You charles..they are murder victims. we should all remember that.

storagemanager on LGF



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12 responses to “Mumbai Serial Blasts

  1. Sam

    Hi Apollo

    have been reading your and Raj’ s comments in DC.

    If you know raj , can you provide me with his email address or maybeyou can ask him. Coz ihave asked him and I have not got it.

    So was wondering if you had it.?

  2. no even i don’t have it.

  3. Shantanu


    Have a look at this:

  4. Sam

    Is it possible to get.
    I do not have a blog. During DC discussion you can ask him to vsiit your blog. We can start a meanningful talk.

    Ofcourse we do not want people like Gulam and 1000 to know wbout this.

    I asked him once in DC but maybe he did not read my comment and then also personal info is deleted.


  5. Sam

    we need to finish these fantics in a decent manner and tactful manner. I will write to you soon.

  6. yes we can ask him and also sanjay to come here so that we can have a meaningful discussion. The feeling of helplessness that we are all having is pathetic. we know our govt, media, intellectuals are all sold out and/or incompetent and they won’t do anything to destroy this menace.

  7. Sam

    so kindly invite them to your blog. we need to discuss to find better ways to get peace and expose the real culprits. People like to stay in bubbles.

  8. yes sam i will invite them. we need to learn to start getting angry. enough of restraint, peacetalk and turning the other cheek.

  9. Sam

    enough….instead of them being exposed that asshole of a Gulam is attacking the Jawans. It is these type of muslims that finance the OBL groups. Even if they make a tiny contirbution and there a 1000 gulams, can you even imagine the funds they collect.

    The amt of training the pilots underwent in USA must have costed them a bomb. trips across afagnistan to USA, calls etc must ahve costed them thousands of US$. Where did they get this mony from …people like gulams.

    Several lives were lost.

    Our children will have to accept Islam at gun point if we choose to live.

    Minority is out now. India is not a secular country where reservations are given out.

  10. I hope we win this war on terror. otherwise we are staring at a new dark ages.

  11. sam

    He did not get your message and he is on DC right now. Get him to come here.

  12. I invited sanjay just now in my latest post on DC.

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