GSLV crashes down

Two setbacks in two days is certainly very sad.After the Agni-3 launch failure yesterday, today it was the turn of the GSLV.

ISRO Chairman G Madhavan Nair, admitting the failure of the mission, said “things have gone wrong in the stage of separation (of the booster from the launch vehicle). We have to analyse the data why it went wrong”.

It has been a very sad couple of days. But we need to remember that these things happen in this field. Every major space and missile power the US, Russians etc… have suffered such setbacks. The most recent in public memory is the space shuttle Columbia disaster.

It is imperative that we support our scientists when they need it the most right now in their moment of despair. They have invested so much of their time, effort and dedication in this project and indeed it is quite a painful personal loss to them.

We as a country need to stay the course and make sure such setbacks do not overpower our will to make this country a great scientific and technological power.

Here is a chronology of Rocket launches from India, both successful and unsuccessful on Rediff.

Indian scientists rally around after Agni-3 launch failure.

Aside: For some comic relief in this troubled times see this Chief Missile Repainter of Pakistan gloating over India’s Agni-3 launch failure(courtesy: Cynical Nerd )



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2 responses to “GSLV crashes down

  1. Apollo: It is indeed sad – double failures. I am sure our scientists will take stock of the situation and come up with a fix soon.

    btw, congratualations on your move to WP – it has it’s advantages but also problems especially with its WYSWIG editor. Good template you have got here.


  2. CN, i have no doubt about that.I personally have worked with one of the top scientists in a reputed institution of Bangalore immediately after i passed out of college. They are highly talented, knowledgeable and dedicated and can really turn around India’s fortunes if our country backs them up and the politicos and bureaucrats get off their backs.

    WP is truly fantastic. it has so many mindboggling features and i’am discovering new things every day. the editor truly sucks and i’am using Zoundry desktop publisher to get around that problem. The WP templates are indeed better than blogspot.but what i like the most is the option of categories. this makes all previous posts accessible at a click.

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