How Big was Tibet Really? What was Really lost?

The Chinese troops of the PLA marched into Tibet in 1950 immediately after assuming power in Beijing on October 1, 1949. Since then Tibet has been under the iron fist of China. The Chinese have tortured, imprisoned, raped and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent Tibetans. Many Tibetans escaped to India and have lived as refugees here and across the world ever since and are also trying to raise awareness of their plight around the World.

But another big question is why did not India intervene to save a Buffer state which would have meant that a major hostile power would be kept well far away from its frontiers? Is it because the Buffer was not really that big afterall? Was it not worth defending? What would have been the strategic advantages India would have gained if Tibet had remained a Independent country to this day?

According to the Modern day Maps of China, this is Tibet. Which they call as the “Tibet Autonomous Region”.Most of the world is under the impression that, it is the entire Tibet. But the reality is not so.

When the Chinese marched in, this was Tibet.


To give one a modern day perspective. Here is a comparison map of the Tibetan regions of Modern day China.


According to the Website of the Tibetan Government in exile,

“Tibet is comprised of the three provinces of Amdo (now split by China into the provinces of Qinghai, Gansu & Sichuan), Kham (largely incorporated into the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan and Qinghai), and U-Tsang (which, together with western Kham, is today referred to by China as the Tibet Autonomous Region).

The Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) comprises less than half of historic Tibet and was created by China in 1965 for administrative reasons. It is important to note that when Chinese officials and publications use the term “Tibet” they mean only the TAR”.

and even more ominously they add “Today Tibetans are outnumbered by Han Chinese population in their own homeland”.

Historic Tibet is therefore nearly 2.5 Million Sq Kms in Area.Its borderline stretches from Aksai Chin to Burma.Which means that without Tibet the Indo-China Border is only the Northern Frontier of the Indian state of Jammu & kashmir!!

Tibet’s misfortune today is because of Indian inaction and more specifically because of JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU. The quintessential idiot that he was he refused to see the dangers to India from a hostile, imperialistic foreign power occupying a benign, friendly neighbour. Any other country in India’s place would have moved Heaven and Earth to maintain that buffer, even Pakistan did so with respect to Afghanistan when it was invaded by the USSR but not peaceful, gandhian(sic!) India.

Jawaharlal Nehru is truly a “world leader”. He ranks among the Top 5 who have lost most territory in World History. He ranks alongside Darius(who lost to Alexander), Yedzhegerd(who lost to the Arabs) etc… if one adds POK, Aksai chin and even NEFA during the 1962 war plus that he was ready and willing to gift the Whole of Assam to the Chinese. No, not today’s Assam, it is 1962 Assam, which practically meant the whole of the North-East!!

Some people say that without his “greatness” even pakistan would not have come into being. If we add that too he might just make it to the top of being a true “great” world leader. But then let us for technical reasons consider only the territory lost after he formally became Prime Minister of Independent India.

  1. Tibet – 2.5 Million Sq Kms
  2. PoK – 78,114 Sq Kms
  3. Aksai Chin – 42,685 Sq Kms
  4. NEFA(The evil Chinese got bored and left) – 83743 Sq Kms
  5. Assam(of 1962, wanted to lose badly but the evil Chinese wouldn’t oblige) – 100,000 Sq Kms

A total of 2,804,542 Sq Kms.

In comparison the Area of India today is 3,287,590 Sq Kms!!. So he practically lost an Area equal to 85% of India’s current land Area.

His foolishness has meant that India now had to contend with two hostile powers on its frontiers and it was only a matter of time that they would start acting in concert against Indian interests. Which they have been doing since the mid 1960s.

If Jawahar lal Nehru had moved Heaven and Earth to keep the Chinese out of Tibet, then today we would not have been in a situation like this and this. It is his legacy that India has ended up in a two front situation as confirmed by the MoD itself.

His betrayal of Tibet is haunting India to this day.

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7 responses to “How Big was Tibet Really? What was Really lost?

  1. S. Venkata Prasad

    I feel very sorry for the Tibetans. I pray to God to give them all the strength and courage to retain their freedom.

    But before any one think about India intervene in to this mater they should better know about Indians in brief.

    1) Kurukshetra the battle fought between Kauravas and Pandavas:
    During this war India lost all its brave and powerful people. There after it was left with people who ran away from the war, widows of war dead, old and cowards. Thus the present generation is the result.
    2) Moghals: the cruel middle-east Islamic rulers invaded India ( these ideates are referred to as The Great Moughal Emperors by modern Indian historians(sons of slaves) killed all the mighty and freedom fighting personalities in India. By the time these Moughals invaded India the country was very much feeble and vulnerable due to its multi lingual, cast and socio economic factors. The feeble and vulnerable county spent almost 800 years as slaves to Moughals.
    3) Then came the British rule which extended the foreign rule for 200 more years.
    4) Then came the Gandhi’s family in to the rule in 1947.
    5) Rule of Gandhi’s family is the worst thing that should have not happened. Gandhi under the veil of peace, exhausted all the noble and brave persons like Bhagat singh, Subhash Chandra Bose and so many to the British rulers just to get the conduct certificate. For the sake of conduct certificate and to appease Muslims Gandhi never tried to stop the separation of this country on the religious basis. Just because of this reason Hindus in millions were killed in Pakistan. Nathuram Vinayak Ghatsey a hearted man of India killed Gandhi. Ghatse killed Gandhi. Ghatse was killed by the rule and again Gandhis killed Ghatse by Banning his statement delivered before thee then Honorable Judge as he was penalized to death. Kashmir was occupied by Pakistan. Despite the advantageous position during the Indo-Pak war again for sake of conduct certificate and Muslim appeasing they left good part of Kashmir to Pakistan. The same reason engulfs innumerable Indian lives every year. Still the Gandhis do not love this country. They only want to remain in power, they want conduct certificate, Muslim appeasing, publicizing Gandhi’s name as freedom fighter and they want only this at the cost of their own people, people who gave them their vote, people who love them, people who gave them recognition and respect since decades.

    On conclusion I would like to say that Tibetans are united in protesting the Chinese and they hold their heads high to say that they are Tibetans. Tibetans are 1000 times better than us. It makes no deference between Tibetans being ruled by Chinese and Indians being ruled by Gandhis.

  2. very well put venkat. Our whole forign policy is about getting Conduct certificates not about safeguarding and promoting our national interests. we are proud when someone else says that we are well behaved.

  3. a Tibetan

    Thats a lucid article on why India (I mean JL Nehru) should have maintained the buffer state.

    Latest developments, the PLA have built metalled roads right up to the Indian border in states like Sikkim, Arunachal ) and I bet they fund the Maoists in Nepal.

    Too late now… but thanks for writing the article 😉

  4. thanks tibetan. I wrote this article to show that why protecting Tibet was very much in India’s National security interests. Now we are in this deep hole of having to contend with 2 fanatical regimes on 2 sides. Our government’s appeasement policy of China failed to provide any dividends at all. even appeasing hitler didn’t pay any dividends to Chamberlain. Nehru is the chamberlain of India with regard to China.

  5. I believe nehru was foolish on the foreign policy front. He was an idealist and a self obsessed geek. He should have known better than refer the kashmir war to the UN. Should have responded vehemently to china’s aggression on tibet, instead he supported the permement seat of china. His unpragmatic nature did both his and India’s undoing.. He went the extent of denying the permanent seat at the security council offered by the US. For which v r still paying for. His tibetian blunder lead to the himalayan blunder. And unsafe border on two fronts. I feel india would have been better off if he had been assinated along with gandi.

  6. Jayant

    It is indeed the spineless act of our leaders that has made a mockery of those brave Indians who gave their life for the freedom of the nation.

    Today China has the brass balls to even deny India’s claim to Kashmir and deny VISA to an Indian General.

    India should declare Tibet a disputed territory under forceful occupation of China. Tibet should remain a buffer state.

  7. jjljljljl

    An impassioned article by someone who hasn’t yet arrived at the stage of comprehending the systems of international law and state governance, and instead applies a limited attempt at rationalising events.

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