Agni-3 Missile Test Fired At last

A nail biting finish to a thriller Will they, Won’t they! finally ended with the decision to go ahead with the test firing of Agni-3. Agni-3 was test fired today from a fixed platform at the launch complex of the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at the Wheeler’s Island off India’s East coast state of Orissa at about 11.05 am.

Agni-3 is supposed to have a payload capacity of 600 -1800 Kilos and a range of 3500 Kms. It has paved the way for India to build longer range Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). Agni-3 is also the first Missile in the Indian stable to use all solid fuel propellant systems.

It has also provided India the option of a robust second strike capability and more importantly it will provide India with a strong deterrence capability against China by bringing many Chinese cities within its range. China already has deployed many missiles aimed against Indian cities and has actively transferred Missile and Nuclear technologies to Pakistan while denying it all along.

Update: There seems to be some technical glitch with the Agni-3. But the important point is, it was test fired. Now the scientists know there is a glitch and can fix it. The US and other countries still test fire the missiles in their armoury every year. So it is a never ending process. India should keep the momentum of the program going. There is no time to rest till it gains parity with China.


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