Blogspot vs WordPress

I have been blogging on Blogspot for the past few months and I decided to try out the newly launched service. This is what I found in comparison.

Editor: Blogspot wins hands down. It has got a very good WYSIWYG editor. It is very easy to insert Html tags, links and photos and get your post online in a jiffy.

WordPress editor sucks big time. It is quite cumbersome to type, plus it is very difficult to insert Html tags into the text area. The Insert link icon is disabled for some reason. One has to click the Html icon on the tools list which pops up a gooey with all that messy tags and one has to manually correct it all oneself.

If you want to Insert photos then WordPress editor makes you cry. You have to upload the photo, then right click on the photo and change “Use Thumbnail” option to “Use Original”, then click on send to editor, then u have to use the photo icon on the tools list and manually enter the dimensions of the photo after ofcourse finding it out yourself on some Photo editor like Paint or such.

But one plus point on WordPress is that it allows one to break a long post into two parts so that the visitor can click on the More link if he wants to read the whole post. Unlike Blogspot where the entire post appears on one page and if it is a really looooonnnnnnngggggggg post all your earlier masterful pieces of literature will get buried down and cause you much heartburn. The point is your frontpage looks neat and professional on WordPress.

Categories: WordPress wins big time. This is something that Blogspot should seriously consider or else it would lose many of its patrons. On WordPress one can assign each post to many different categories and it is easy to retrieve old posts which are relevant to a particular subject. For example I have a few posts on Nepal and if I click on the category Nepal all those posts even the earliest ones come up. It is quite easy for me to stay on the topic. If I want to write one more follow up post I can easily refer the earlier posts and avoid repeating what I have already said before.

In Blogspot the earlier posts are getting archived and lost and once your Blog accumulates a large body of posts it becomes very clumsy and cumbersome to access the earlier posts. One will have to repeat what he has already said maybe 3 months and 2291657817 posts ago.

Plus the ability to categorize can help a Blogger to either diversify or get deeper into his area of interest. This helps keep up the Blogger’s interest. In case of Blogspot there has been a large case of burnouts; people who have been blogging for quite a while tend to gather a certain audience which shares those tastes and if they blog for say 5 posts on different matters other than the core interest their main posts will have gotten buried, this puts pressure on them not to stray too far from the topic and once they have said all that they have to say on the topic and start going around in circles they lose interest and call it a day. Some examples of my favourite bloggers calling it a day. The Religious Policeman, Secular-Right, Shaunak

The above happens to a much lesser extent on WordPress. The most fearsome bloggers like feminists, National interest hawks etc… Are on WordPress platform. Since it gives them the option to stray off topic every now and then and explore other subjects of their interest, it keeps them rejuvenated and refreshed.

Trackbacks and pingbacks: WordPress provides this facility, Blogspot does not. Essentially if u have quoted a fellow blogger’s post u can include a link to his post within the comments section. In case one has enabled pingbacks this happens automatically. It pings the links embedded in your post and writes a link in the comments section of the other Blogger’s post.

The Minus points on is that they do not support Google Adsense program, they do not allow the user to see or edit the template code, they do not allow one to change the theme or use any third party services like Statcounter or feedburner since they have a phobia about Javascript code.

The Blogstats and feedstats given by WordPress inhouse is quite pedestrian when compared to Statcounter or Feedburner.

But adding Blogrolls on is easier than on Blogspot. One does not need to edit the template code on WordPress like in Blogspot.

Publishing very convenient on WordPress. One does not need to publish the whole blog again like in Blogspot. Just click save and its done.

Support for Technorati and tags is inbuilt in WordPress compared to Blogspot. This is quite convenient for someone who is looking for something specific to land on your blog.

After weighing all the pros and cons I have decided to move to WordPress. Even though the WordPress editor sucks big time the final cut looks very professional and that is what really matters at the end.


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8 responses to “Blogspot vs WordPress

  1. Me a fearsome blogger. Wow !! Surely made my day. 🙂

  2. Well u are very opinionated and i was really enjoying ur posts and fights with other bloggers till u got into a fight with me itself with ur latest post 😉

  3. Boss I welcome you to the fearsome group with open arms. As for the recent tussele over my post, well you are a breadth of fresh air from those dip-witted emails and comments that I get from you-know-who.

    Keep Blogging.

  4. hahaha 😉 I know. thank u for the warm welcome to ur fearsome group.

  5. Joy is amazing. The main shortcoming is the lack of customization capabilities. For that, blogspot is superb.

    But, there are several third-party services that can integrate into blogspot to give the same functionality of There are trackback, and pingback services. You can use or technorati for categories. I’d say most serious bloggers are on blogspot or wordpress..

    The ultimate wordpress experience is when it is self-hosted. Although there are a few wordpress sites that provide greater functionality that

  6. I agree with your entirely. I detest Blogger. I started with them and my archives were not just getting buried, they were no even showing on my front page if you clicked archives. I immediately switched to wordpress. As I write about a variety of things, being a versatile person, the category section is absolutely essential for me.

  7. thanks nita. I just visited ur site and i have it on my RSS reader already 🙂 . great effort indeed!

  8. Augastin Francis

    Do give a look.

    Also which talks about blogger vs wordpress. Blogger is going to die soon.


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