The US-India Nuclear deal must be Abandoned

The so called US-India Strategic relationship is a dud. America has proven that it has not given up its bad old ways of seeking to maintain a balance of power between democratic India and fundamentalist Pakistan.

Jaffna and Cynical Nerd of The Indian National Interest have written an incisive analysis on the US-India Nuclear co-operation Act. They have given a point by point account of how the US Congress is trying to secure the American strategic objectives in South Asia rather than the expressed desire of Civil Nuclear Co-operation based on “reciprocity” between the United States and India.

When this agreement was signed last year on July 18th, 2005 there was a feeling in India that the bad old days were over and America had changed its attitude towards India. The nay-sayers then were dismissed out of hand. But now it looks like the US has not abandoned its 60 year old policy of maintaining “parity” between democratic India and a Military ruled and increasingly fundamentalist Pakistan.

In another piece Cynical Nerd has analysed the sale of sophisticated and lethal arms to Pakistan by the US.Inspite of knowing very well that such arms will only be used against their “new strategic ally” India and will only bolster the confidence of the Pakistani establishment to indulge in more mischief against India; the US has gone ahead with this deal.

Another interesting part was the discussion we had in that thread with two Americans Dan and Lexington. Though they were not in favour of the sale of sophisticated Arms to Pakistan by the US government they tried to explain their Point of View.

Lex tried to make the case that India needs to ramp up its lobbying presence in Washington so as to secure its own interests and gave the example of Israel’s lobbying successes. I beg to differ with him. India can never equal the lobbying power of Israel, the National Rifle Association or the Tobacco lobby. We simply do not have that kind of money and frankly i think it is of no use to even attempt that. This is something that America itself has to come to terms with on its own. A strategic alliance with India is definitely in the National interests of the US too.

Dan tried to focus attention on the cold war history. He pointed out that India was on the wrong side during the cold war and America was only hedging its bets by playing both sides and watching and then decide later on about which side they should be on.

I pointed out to him that America does not have the luxury of playing on both sides of the Tennis court. If it does so it will lose the respect of both sides and that will only be a lose-lose situation for them. I also pointed to him that the Indian left is Anti-American and there is nothing the US can do about that. But the Indian right is not anti-american and is very much in favour of a strategic relationship. If the US shows this kind of attitude the Indian right too would turn against them and America will be left with no friends in India.

The reality is that beyond NATO, the US considers only Israel and Japan as steadfast allies. The rest are all only allies of convenience. We need to realise that. No amount of kowtowing or lobbying will get us any kind of influence in the US. We need to do on our own what is needed to safeguard our National Strategic Interests. We need to seek out allies and partners and maintain nothing but a business like relationship with the Americans.

The Nuclear deal should be thus called off immediately. There is no more point in pursuing it if at the end of the day we only end up having to kowtow to the US and the US shows absolutely no regard to Indian sensitivities. The so-called “Strategic relationship” between India and the US cannot be realised till the US changes its own attitude towards India and abandons its ancient policy of maintaining parity between fundamentalist, non-democratic Pakistan and Free, democratic India.


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5 responses to “The US-India Nuclear deal must be Abandoned

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  2. Not just Setna a lot more scientists are against the deal,those that are still working must have been censured by the govt, as it is sonia models herself on indira. Those mentored by Bhaba like setna, ramana etc hav had a lot more experience in dealing with the mindset of the americans and the denial regime and its new avtaar.Their ultimate goal is to prevent or slowdown indias nuclear (reproccessing and enriching)(warhead design and miniaturasition)and missile capabilities(slbm and icbm).
    I consider the deal as a means to continue the longstanding policy of dangling plastic carrots so as to slow down indigenous RnD,
    the congress is not only fooling the illiterate population but itself and slowing our countrys technical progress.
    one thing i liked abt the bjp govt was non interference in these fields.
    when will we learn from israel?

  3. Shiv

    The nuclear deal is an AWFUL idea for India, but gives unprecedented power to Washington over Indian politics AND 9 bags of gold to the languishing US civilian nuclear industry. It will creates tens of thousands of American jobs and give the nuclear industry here the opportunity to easily sell between 3-10 reactors over time, when they have practically no domestic orders.

    On top of that, there will be a NEW $50-$100 billion nuclear energy grid sustained by importing uranium. If the Americans choke off the fuel supplies it would result in an economic catastrophe for two reasons:

    1) The 50 plus billion dollars is a huge cost from Indian monies, it is like crippling a multi-billion dollar investment. Tarapur was funded by US Aid, this is our money: that makes all the difference.

    2)The loss of millions of watts of electricity by choking off fuel will create an economic and social catastrophe to Indian infrastructure………thousands of businesses will go kaput in such a “pre-industrial” state. It would cause unprecedented joblessness, and badly affect millions of consumers, residents, etc.

    Never before would Washington be as prominent in Indian decision making as now with this deal. They could cripple nuclear fuel supplies and force us around their view point on many critical matters including use of nuclear weapons in war.

    There is a BETTER solution: use Indian designed thorium-fueled reactors. This may slow us down hugely in economic success as it will take a while for the scaling up and production of advanced research designs. The Indian technology is less reliable as an added bad. But…….it will keep the fuel and equipment INDIA-sourced, thereby assuring us of continual fuel supplies and technical support. Importantly, the money would create tens of thousands of Indian jobs, and save foreign exchange…..instead of helping the Americans thrive.

    Never before has a government so badly supported our enemies such as Pakistan, with the ridiculous joint statement in Cuba when the ISI funded half or more of the terrorism. Now it is this: a deal that offers Pakistan’s core ally unprecedented economic control over India’s energy security.

    On top of that, India can’t even hit back at the USA unlike China. Our scientists aren’t smart enough to get going a mere 3500 KM range rocket going after a decade’s worth of work, and can’t even convince Indians that their H-bomb technology is reliable. We can hit out at China in a small way and practically not at all the USA – unless we wish to take out the Middle Eastern oil fields to harm the American economy while inviting international catastrophe and the sin of targeting the innocent to get to the guilty (sheer madness in itself).

    This whole deal and the ridiculous Congress govt. are sheer madness for India.

  4. Wonderful info!! i will come back again soon:D

  5. Fantastic, I did not know about that until now. Cheers!!

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