Chinese Communist Party celebrates 85th Anniversary

The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) is celebrating its 85th Anniversary on July 1. As usual it is trying to project only its good face and gloss over its misdeeds.

The Chinese Communist party was established by the Far Eastern branch of the Soviet led Comintern movement in July 1921. The expressed desire of the Comintern movement in its own words is what would be termed treason in all countries including the Workers’ paradises themselves.

To be admitted to the Comintern, the Communist parties had to accept the Twenty-one conditions as laid out in the Third Communist International. This included directions to get rid of inconvenient people from their respective parties, using any means legal, illegal and armed resurrection to gain power, to control the activities of elected representatives, to revise their party programs by including the general policies of the International and to accept all decisions of the Comintern as binding.

This type of tight control was felt necessary to prevent another debacle as suffered by the then International Socialist movement in 1914 when despite massive majorities voting in favor of resolutions that stated the Socialist International would call upon the international working class to resist war should it be declared, within hours of the declaration of war almost all the socialist parties of the combatant states had announced their support for their own countries.

But in the real world it meant that the Communist parties would henceforth profess their loyalty to the now International Communist movement over and above their loyalty to their own nations, peoples, states, indigenous cultures, religions or even their own families, kith and kin. This International Movement was not some old boys club but a tightly controlled and funded arm of the Soviet state called the Communist International or Comintern.

Expressing one’s allegiance to the arm of a foreign state is considered an act of treason in any country and every communist party is in essence a treasonous party. The Chinese Communist Party was one such treacherous party which would soon bring huge sorrow to the people of China.

It used every unethical means to gain power including shedding crocodile tears for the plight of the masses, robbery, looting and kidnapping to fund the party, murder, incitement to murder, lies, backstabbing etc…

It would also use mass terror as a instrument of state policy to maintain control. It followed the diktat of Marx to use the “lumpen proletariat”; the scumbags, criminals etc… to generate a climate of terror and fear among the Chinese people.

The CCP had promised the Chinese people that their aim was to establish a “Communist Utopia”. This seemed to “fit into” the Chinese traditional worldview based on Harmony. The Chinese believed that the Yin and Yang needed to be in balance for harmony to be maintained on the Earth. And they believed that this harmony had been upset and had unleashed the chaos and misery that China was facing since 1840.

But they had no way of knowing that the Communist worldview was a dialectical one based on the eternal conflict between the forces of Good and Evil. Marx and Engel had cleverly built this into the communist theory by calling them as Exploiting class and Exploited class.

To perpetuate itself in power therefore the Communist party had to generate never ending conflict in the society. It needed to create a continous supply of class enemies to “fight” against. The basic strategy here is to give the “masses” an endless supply of paper tigers to fight against. These paper tigers should be very small in number and not in any position to resist else they will be in big trouble. The Chinese dissidents say that the ratio is 95:5 and after some sloganeering, goondagardi, murder, terrorism etc.. And their powerless opponents have been suitably cowed down they would then claim “victory for the masses” and after a lull the cycle of violence would start all over again with new class enemies to fight against.

In China this took on the form of the Great leap forward, the Cultural revolution etc… Which killed more than 100 million innocent Chinese people including China’s last Emperor PuYi who was murdered by the Red guards in 1968. At times when they couldn’t find anyone else the CCP would turn on itself. Party purges is a time honoured tradition in the CCP.In addition, the CCP also has killed ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan and other places.

The CCP Chairman Mao had said point blank that such orgies of terror should be repeated every 7-8 years so that people’s memories would be “refreshed” else the people would begin to feel that the party has gone soft and start demanding freedom and democracy.

The CCP also supported the Communist movements in many parts of the world including in South-east Asia, Latin America, Africa etc… The most notable was the support to the Khmer rouge of Cambodia which butchered more than 2 Million Cambodians, the murderous North Korean regime and the Shining Path guerrillas in Peru.

After Mao’s death Deng Xiaoping virtually dumped the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory and embraced Capitalism which has since then put China on a growth trajectory. The people then began to feel that the CCP had become reformed and just like Mao predicted they began to ask for democracy and freedom. The party then realised its blunder and used brute force to destroy the democracy movement. It murdered thousands of innocent students in Tiananmen square in 1989 and thus showed the real face of Communism to the world.

Since then the CCP has made sure it had tight control over the reins of power though it now allows economic freedom. It keeps a tight control over the Internet and foreign media and blocks many pro-democracy sites. It has also banned the Falungong and the Chinese Democracy Party.

Now with the Communist theory virtually discredited the CCP has fallen back on extreme nationalism to hold onto power and creates foreign “class enemies” for the Chinese people to fight against especially Japan, Taiwan and the US. The CCP also initiated the War against India for the first time in history and is trying its best to destroy the goodwill and good relations that has existed between India and China since the ancient times.

Inspite of such horrendous brutality of the CCP, the Chinese people have not lost hope and the fight for China’s freedom goes on. A group of Chinese dissidents have written what is called the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist party. What they have got to say is quite disturbing. Another group has established the China Democracy party to destroy the evil scepter of the Communism in China.


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