The Rakhi Sawant Controversy and the attack of the Liberalist Clowns

Rakhi Sawant has almost monopolised all the controversies from tinsel town of late. She had a case booked against her for obscenity by the Police in Kolhapur, Maharashtra and before that could die down she got involved in another one with that Party smooching thing with Mika. She is also reportedly been banned in Dubai after a similar on stage incident there.

But what i find more amusing is the antics of the Liberal extremists who caught in their web of Political correctness cannot or are not willing to make a clear distinction between a shameless slut like Rakhi Sawant and ordinary women who in their day to day lives have to endure eve-teasing, sexual assualts, domestic violence, dowry crimes etc… These are the women whose plight should occupy the conscience of our Shameless, sensationalist Media, our Commie numbed intellectuals and ofcourse the National Commission for Women.

They should have dismissed the shameless publicity stunts of the elite class Mika and Rakhi. But then that is not what happened. We had our Media salivating over this incident and trying to cash in as much as possible. We had our intellectuals pontificating endlesslessly in TV shows, newspapers, magazines, internet etc… with helpful doses of the clip and the stills and feeling important now that they have shared their “wisdom” with the rest of the country(sic!) and to top it all the NCW filled with feminist nuts who deciding that this incident needed their “wise” input, declared that Mika was guilty ignoring the fact that Rakhi was until then rubbing herself all over Mika before the said incident happened. Mika would not have dared touch her if she had behaved herself. There were many other girls around who were even more skimpily clad but did any of the men there dare touch them or try doing anything inappropriate?

Yes that is the reputation Ms Rakhi Sawant has built for herself. A reputation which made her parents to disown her and any man like Mika or the member of the crowd in Dubai to feel that he can do whatever he wants with her. This is the harsh truth and simple common sense which is missing with our rotten “intellectual” class and firebrand feminists.

My two cents advice to them. There are millions of women in the country who are suffering and are being exploited and mistreated by their own families, relatives etc… Eve teasing is still a very big problem in our cities and so are sexual assaults, domestic violence, dowry abuses etc… so please save your sympathy and attention for the really needy women who don’t have a voice and are often denied justice and not for shameless people like Rakhi, Mika etc…

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One response to “The Rakhi Sawant Controversy and the attack of the Liberalist Clowns

  1. I agree.

    Worse still is the almost ubiquitous display of equalising all women to be Rakhi and all men Mika.

    “Kiss and Learn” is the post on my blog.

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