Fanaa: It all makes sense now

I saw Fanaa at last(on a pirated DVD ofcourse) and now i think i know why Aamir khan did what he did. It is a very pathetic movie, very much in the class of the B-class potboilers that come and go in their hundreds every year without anyone even noticing until one sees the Filmfare list of all the year’s releases before the Awards ceremony. Only this time it was a big banner movie with some big stars and with big ad budgets.

Aamir khan a very accomplished man in the industry who has even produced his own movie ‘Lagaan’ which went all the way to a Oscar nomination would have an inkling about the sorry fate that the movie would suffer at the box office.

In his show on CNN-IBN titled Captain Khan Aamir Khan said

“It was a very spontaneous decision actually. I was in Delhi a week before I gave this interview for the release of a book. When I was going to the venue of the release, I saw these protests happening on the road. There were two protests happening – one was for the Narmada Bachao Andolan and on the other side of the road were the Bhopal Gas victims. I enquired about both these protests to find out what is happening. They had been in the news for some time, but since I saw it first hand, I thought I should learn more about it and understand more about it. Having got a fair idea about what the two were trying to say, I thought that I should lend my support and join them, meet them”

And to a subsequent question “Was it ideological? Did you feel ideologically inclined to those groups, did you feel a strong sense of being connected?” he replied “I am not connected to either of the groups. But my common sense told me that the people who have been affected by the gas tragedy should be properly compensated. And the people who are affected because of the dam should be rehabilitated. My common sense told me that”.

His common sense or “Inner voice” waited nearly 18 years since he became a star to speak in favour of Bhopal gas victims and Narmada Bachao Andolan. It seems to be a very carefully planned strategy to create a “controversy” and bring some publicity and good opening to the movie by using Aamir’s new Rang de Basanti image. What better than to pick up a “cause” and justify it as “late realisation”.

Such cheap tactics are not unheard of in Bollywood. This has happened before, even RDB itself generated some “controversy” by putting some real cheap dialogues in the movie and then cutting it after objections by the censor board and later being viewed by the MoD and defence chiefs who “cleared” it. This guaranteed some much needed initial opening which makes or breaks a movie and it seems to have worked in both cases. RDB went on to become a hit and Fanaa grossed nearly 22 crores in the first weekend.

And in its greed to make some cheap bucks Bollywood did not care for the hurt sentiments of the Gujarati people who are at the receiving end of some real bad press by the commie media for their own reasons and who gleefully jumped on the bandwagon to take a few potshots of their own against the people of Gujarat.

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