Karan Thapar please stop using one size fits all approach

The Interview with Chidambaram telecast on Sunday, June 11th at 10pm on CNBC did not seem to go well for Karan Thapar. His militant approach that succeded so well with Kamal Nath and Arjun Singh did not work out when he was pitted against the well prepared Chidambaram. He came out to his viewers just like Chidambaram said as someone who was “Quibbling with words”.

Chidambaram was someone who actually came prepared for the Interview unlike Arjun singh and Kamal Nath. He knew his data and put forth his case very clearly but in his eagerness to give Chidambaram a tough time Karan ended up looking quite lost and Chidambaram actually came out looking dignified.

I’am a fan of Karan Thapar and surely he is doing a great job. But he should take care to change tactics according to the interviewee and the situation and not jump in with the same One size fits all approach.

Besides what Chidambaram was saying about that his life experience says that Reservations have worked in the Southern states to some extent was confirmed by my father who was watching the Interview alongside me. He gave a detailed account of the situation that was prevailing before the Mysore Maharaja Krishnarajendra wodeyar introduced reservations around 1918 and how it helped the other castes in Karnataka to rise up in education and then into Government service.

Karan Thapar seemed hellbent on disputing the above assertion and he clearly did not have any data to disprove Chidambaram’s “life experience”.

He could have easily caught Chidambaram with the creamy layer issue. Many families have benefitted from reservations for the nearly 3-4 generations in the Southern states especially TN. Karnataka atleast has some criterion to exclude the creamy layer from awailing the benefits of reservation by checking for Annual Family Income etc.. TN simply doesn’t have that criterion! clearly Karan had not done his homework this time.

The 69% reservation prevalent in TN in violation of a SC order could have become a incisive point but Karan let Chidambaram off the hook on this.

Karan mentioned Rajiv Gandhi’s speech and he failed to really take advantage of the actual points Rajiv had brought up. Rajiv had questioned the very manner in which the Mandal commission had arrived at a 52% figure for OBCs.

But still i hope this is just one little setback for Karan Thapar and he will learn from this experience and come out with all guns blazing again


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