The Indian Monsoon is one of the most beautiful and most awaited of events in the World. It is so much a part of life in the Indian subcontinent that the seasons here are classified as Winter, Summer and Rainy (Monsoon) instead of the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall in other parts of the world.

This year the summer was one of the worsht anyone could remember the temperatures in much of the country hovered around 40 degrees Celsius, even our normally cool namma Bengaluru was quite uncomfortable. As we sweated under the merciless Sun we all looked up longingly at the skies and hoped for the Monsoon rains to bring us relief.

But it is this very temperature differential between the Land and the Sea that powers the Monsoon winds. During the winter the Indian mainland cools down dramatically, but water changes temperature much more slowly than land and thus the Oceans around India are warmer than the land and the cool winds from India blows out towards the Ocean.

During the summer months the Indian mainland heats up agonisingly under the Sun and the Oceans around India do not heat up as fast as land, since water changes temperature slower than land does, so this temperature differential now means that the hot air over the subcontinent rises up and the cool air from the Oceans blows in bringing in moisture which is sometimes as thick as three miles and the much awaited rains, which were upon us a week earlier this time on May 25th instead of the usual date of June 1.

Also at the same time the Monsoons are not equitable they create floods and destruction in some places and there are droughts in places where the rains are deficient. The Monsoons depart around September and then life goes on in our Great land which is now happy and quenched.


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