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Lok Paritran splits

Lok paritran, the Party founded by IITians has suffered a vertical split . In my opinion this was inevitable, without a proper structure and firm policies, programs and lacking a ideology their party is very much prone to infighting, intrigue and oneupmanship which could lead to its collapse.

The Party had made an impact in the recently concluded elections in Tamil Nadu, where it contested in 7 assembly constituencies and garnered a total of 34,000 votes. It was placed third in the Mylapore constituency ahead of even parties like BJP and the DMDK.


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The Indian Secular Code

The UPA Government has stalled the release of the movie Da Vinci code to appease the “minority sentiments”.

This is not the first time that our political class has bent over backwards to appease special interest groups, who claim to “represent” their community. The list is quite long “The satanic verses” by salman rushdie, “Lajja” by Taslima nasreen, The Hollywood blockbuster “The Temple of the Doom” by Steven spielberg, The Marathi Play “Me Naturam godsey boltoy”, and the joke is that our wise censors had even recommended a name change for the James Bond movie “From Russsia with Love” to “From 007 with Love” so as not to “hurt” the “feelings” of our Soviet friends. I’am sure even the soviet politburo would have drank a toast to our childishness.

We need to decide whether we are to become a confident and “aspiring” superpower fully committed to the principles of Democracy and Free speech, not bits and pieces or a “Banana republic” which believes in the state’s “wisdom” to decide what its people can see, do or think.

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Credit cards, Home loans, Personal loans and now a School too :)

Telemarketing, one of the most irritating aspect of modern day life in Bangalore. Everyday atleast 2-3 marketers sometimes more call up and offer a “Brand” new credit card with “great features” like “Free” Lifetime, 1001% cashback, “Free” Fuel, “Free” Insurance etc..

They somehow think that we are fools and that we don’t know that the catch is always in the fineprint, which is revealed only later at a convenient time of their choosing. Who on earth doesn’t have a bad experience like that?

Coming back to the topic. The latest calls were for a SBI card and a ICICI Bank “International Gold” card which u can supposedly use even in Papua new guinea and Bolivia. It supposedly has a 10% cashback. I’am not joking even my eyes popped out when i heard that until i remembered that phenomenon that was being conveniently hidden away for the moment called the “fineprint”, and the SBI card is supposed to be a WYSIWYG card, meaning it is supposedly not hiding any inconvenient details from you.

How do these people get hold of our numbers? simple. It is not ICICI, ABN-AMRO, Citibank, SBI etc.. who make the calls or collect your forms. It is the “Marketing Agencies” who have been hired to do the grunt work for them. These agencies get a list of numbers from all sources like the clients who hired them, from people who scan the forms which we fill carelessly in shopping malls and retail outlets, perhaps even other agencies whom they trade their “database” with. So once one agency gets hold of your number it is as good as everyone has got it.

Nowadays with the rise in interest rates the calls for Personal loans and Home loans have dried up. But i was shocked out of my wits yesterday when i got a call from a “Premier private” school asking me whether there were any school going kids in our home. well we used to except that we both grew up. They are a little late for me and my brother and a little too early for the next generation 🙂

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Reservations, look who’s protesting?

On April 5 2006, Arjun Singh the HRD minister in the UPA Govt announced just before the assembly elections were due in 5 states that the government was planning to introduce reservation in the premier institutes like IIMs and IITs for OBCs. The Election commission issued a notice to Arjun singh and also quickly declared him “Not guilty” of its own charge. ok, fine until here. It happens only in Indiaaaaaaaah!!

There was seething anger against this proposal among the students and the youth of the country. Lots of online communities on Orkut and online petitions were started and protests were being organised almost every week( on orkut, ofcourse) and then when it was time who came out onto the streets? Not students from IIMs and IITs or other colleges/universities from across the country but junior doctors. How did this happen? Did i miss something? They were not Online? Maybe they were doing some real background work while their counterparts were busy Online.

This reflects poorly on the organisational skills, political awareness and involvement in the political process of Middle class India. The Middle class never bother to go out and vote or actively participate in the political process. This apathy has now come home to roost. The Politicians need Money and Votes. The Money they get from bribes, kickbacks and rich industrialists. The Votes they get from the Poor. The Middle Class gives neither. So why should the politicians bother about their welfare? Not a single established party has taken up the cause of Middle Class India in this controversy.

Also the political class knows that the students are not well organised, they are emotional and they are used to the easy life. Streetfighting is not their forte. A small sample was issued to them in Mumbai a couple of days ago when protesting medicos where lathicharged. The government later ordered a inquiry into the “incident”.

This and the water cannons used against the protesting students in Delhi is a mild warning from the establishment. Go back home or else!!

Ok, the news just in is that some cops involved in the “incident” have been “suspended”. oh!! poor guys, note down the names of the cops and watch their sizzling career graph from now on :). In India sucking up to your political masters pays rich dividends.


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More rain today!!

More rains today evening and yes, i was in the driver’s seat again :). I was driving back home from office. Below are the snaps i took from inside my car.

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Rainy days are here again!!

This must be without doubt the worst summer in many, many years in bangalore. It is so sweltering hot and the mercury has hovered around 35 degrees celsius. The much awaited April showers which usually help bring down the mercury levels was nowhere in sight. April came and went with some sputters of rain here and there.

Then on the evening of Tuesday, May 9th, the much awaited show happened and i had the driver’s seat, quite literally. I was driving from my office to town at 5pm in the evening when the heavy cloudburst caught the bangalore’s usual unruly traffic unawares. i could barely see in front of me. visibility was very much reduced to just a few feet. i could barely make out the outlines of the vehicle in front of me and could make certain it was there only by virtue of its tail lights. also i had to continually wipe the inside of the windshield to avoid fogging of the windows. but, then what is a little inconvenience compared to some good rains. isn’t it? wrong

It has rained continually for 4 days after that with all the usual sideeffects of flooded roads, overflowing drains, falling trees, dangling electric wires, power cuts etc.. and it has not brought down the temperatures at all. infact, it has added humidity to the equation. now we are sweating at the same time as we are getting roasted.


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