UPA decides to go ahead with the reservations

The UPA today decided to implement the proposed reservations for the OBC from June 2007 onwards, inspite of the protests that are going on. Not surprising, they are only kids after all without any real political backing. When Truckers, Factory Workers or Bank Employees go on a strike they are backed by the Left Lobby which controls the Media, Educational Institutions, Trade Unions etc.. and they are able to get what they want. What backing did these kids have? none, whatsoever. These kids don’t know shit of what they were up against. Too much of Rang de basanti and they think they will cause a revolution overnight. These are seasoned politicians who are not so easy to crack. Nobody will care for them even if they immolate themselves enmasse on the streets. The votes simply don’t add up.

Meanwhile some reports indicate that some medical students belonging to the ‘OBC communities’ too have slammed the Quota proposal as hogwash

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