The Goose that laid Golden Eggs

The Goose that laid Golden Eggs is a modern day parody of a old and familiar story we read back in Nursery School. It was about a farmer who had a Goose that laid only one “Golden” Egg every day. The farmer one fine day overcome by greed and in his haste kills the bird and cuts it open so that he can have all the golden eggs in one go. But alas! he finds nothing and regrets what he did. The Moral of the story was ‘Greed is Bad and Haste makes Waste’.

This insight which is available to every nursery kid is woefully missing in the heads of our netas. They have effectively killed the Institutions of Higher learning by their shortsighted decision to parcel away more than half the seats on a Caste basis rather than on the ability of the candidate. In the 21st century when we were supposed to put an end to all kinds of discrimination in the name of religion, caste, creed, sex, region etc.. we see these neanderthals trying to divide society on a caste basis just to win the next election.


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