The Pope interferes blatantly in India’s internal affairs

The Pope the religious head of the Roman Catholics and the Head of state of the Vatican city threw all diplomatic propriety to the winds and interfered in the internal affairs of india by commenting on the efforts in some indian states to check religious conversions through legislation.

The disturbing signs of religious intolerance that have troubled some regions of the nation, including the reprehensible attempt to legislate clearly discriminatory restrictions on the fundamental right of religious freedom, must be firmly rejected as not only unconstitutional, but also as contrary to the highest ideals of India’s founding fathers, who believed in a nation of peaceful coexistence and mutual tolerance between different religions and ethnic groups. “No citizen of India, especially the weak and the underprivileged, should ever have to experience discrimination for any reason, especially based on ethnic or religious background or social position “. the Pope said in a meeting with New Delhi’s new ambassador to the Vatican, Amitava Tripathi.

As expected there was lukewarm condemnation from the spineless MEA.

“It is acknowledged universally that India is a secular and democratic country in which adherents of all religious faiths enjoy equal rights,” external affairs ministry spokesperson Navtej Sarna said in response to a question. “The constitution of India states that all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practice and propagate religion,” he added.

The BJP and RSS were much more forthright in their condemnation

The Pope’s remarks on religious freedom are not relevant to India. There is much more freedom here than in many countries,” BJP Spokesman Prakash Javadekar said.
“Freedom of religion does not mean conversions by coercion and allurements,” he added.Asserting that State Assemblies had the power to enact such legislations, he said, “Such laws are not against conversion by conviction but if people convert en masse, motives have to be there”.

But the most bizzare statement was from the Sangh Parivar’s joker of the pack, Ashok Singhal of the VHP. In his statement he invited the Pope to join forces against Islamic Jihad

VHP Supremo Ashok Singhal reminded the head of the Catholic church that both Hindus and Christians faced the “same historical threat of Jihad (Islamic Holy War).” “We appeal to the Pope that both Christians and Hindus are facing the same historical threat to Jihad i.e. terrorism, from the destruction of Kashi, Ayodhya and Somnath temples to the crusades under the Pope to defend Christianity in Europe and now the strikes on World Trade Centre and London to the daily attacks on Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir.“It is better that without fighting each other, let us fight against Jihad and the Pope should declare that the Church will not convert a single Hindu,” he said.



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6 responses to “The Pope interferes blatantly in India’s internal affairs

  1. Can’t he mind his own business

  2. He wears two hats at the same time. Holy man + politician. That’s a deadly combo :).

  3. Anonymous

    The Pope wants to extend his powers to India.

    In the US, many Catholics were instructed by their priests to vote against Kerry (apparently a Roman Catholic convert!) and others who were pro-choice in the abortion debate

    Also check out 2004 Roman Catholic Guide to Voting: Kerry or Bush.

  4. Anonymous

    fao Laks:

    I am afraid it is the Pope’s business to make his state the ruler of all of the world.

    Since the 16th century his church has been losing its influence in Europe.

    I would bet that there are more church-going christians (of all denominations) in India then there are in the UK.

    I think the blame lies with the deficient Indian educational system. And of course the stupid ignorant Hindus who naively believe that all religions are equally good!

    The only tolerant religion is polytheistic pantheism.

  5. Anonymous

    It seems that at least 5 states in India have banned the movie “The Da Vinci Code” – I thought only the muslims in India had that sort of power!

    Perhaps it is true that, at least in Hindustan, a christian is equal to 10 muslims and 50 hindus!

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