Hail the New Weimar Republic!!

Nepal is now the newest (banana) republic on the block. With the King relegated to not even a figurehead. The declaration of Nepal as a “Secular” state has taken care of that technicality.

The Nepali Parliament has made a resolution today which left the King a mere mortal who has to now pay taxes like the rest of us.

The resolution also stripped the King of the title of “Supreme Commander” of the Royal Nepali Army, which has now also been renamed as the Nepali Army and placed under the control of the Cabinet. The Cabinet will now make all appointments and decisions related to the control and deployment of the Armed Forces.

And just to make sure the Royal Guard also has been placed under the control of the cabinet and the King’s inner circle, the Raj Parishad has been scrapped.

Also, the next King will be decided by the Parliament and not by the King himself- an insurance policy against King Gyanendra’s notorious son Paras.

So, why the comparison with the Weimar republic? Because these supposedly well meaning SPA have just paved the path for the Maoists to take over subsequently. Just like the Weimar republic paved the way for Hitler.

How? They have in their anger and thirst for payback have pulled down every institution in haste and now Nepal stands vulnerable. Power is lying on the streets to be picked up by the strongest and best organised group and right now that is the maoists. Hope something is done before its too late.



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2 responses to “Hail the New Weimar Republic!!

  1. hmmm,…ummm..well..appollo..ur absolutely right..hehe..
    even i ahve been folloein the situ in nepal..closely..and am happy tat the people have bounced..back..and wow..!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. thanks nila.hope the people of nepal don’t end up destroying their own country because they hate the person who is the king at the moment.

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