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The allegations fly thick and fast

Lok Paritran has split. But the allegations made by the new splinter group is quite disturbing and casts a big shadow on Lok Paritran being a “Party with a difference”. Reading those allegations it looks like it is already infested with the same disease that afflicts every political party in India. ‘During election campaign the volunteers and other resources including party funds were utilised only for Mylapore constituency where Santanagopalan Vasudevan contested and all others were ignored,’ said Ellanthirumaran, who has resigned from the State party presidentship of the LP Looks like the five founder members are the “Supreme” leaders of Lok Paritran. They are beyond questioning. How is this different from the personality cults practised by the likes of Congress, Shivsena, RJD, BSP, Samajwadi party, AIADMK, DMK, PMK, TDP etc.. He also charged Santana Gopal Vasudevan, (Chief Advisor and founder member of LP) Tanmay Raj Purohit, Chandrasekhar, and Ajit Shukla (All founder members of LP and ‘National’ office-bearers) as biased in favour of a particular community and dictatorial in their ways Meaning they favour the upper caste Brahmins, and there is a blog already that is slandering Tanmay Rajpurohit as a Hindu fascist. I didn’t bother to put a link here because it is nothing but bile and ranting with absolutely no proof whatsoever.But LP has to come out clean with what its ideology is and what it stands for if it is to avoid such allegations. Joining him, K Rajamany said that there was no proper accounts, no party constitution or procedures followed. ‘Decisions are taken according to their whims and fancies. Not even the office-bearers or candidates were informed on developments,’he said Exactly, Lok Paritran simply doesn’t have anything of the above. It was just formed with good intentions and is run on a ad-hoc basis. and underscored that it was the professed ideology of the party, ‘Corruption free and better governance’ which drew them to the party and alleged that ‘what was said and claimed in public platforms were never followed’ making it one more ordinary political party.’ Good intentions alone are not enough. It needs proper organisation and structure to realise it’s goals, if it has any in the first place.



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Lok Paritran splits

Lok paritran, the Party founded by IITians has suffered a vertical split . In my opinion this was inevitable, without a proper structure and firm policies, programs and lacking a ideology their party is very much prone to infighting, intrigue and oneupmanship which could lead to its collapse.

The Party had made an impact in the recently concluded elections in Tamil Nadu, where it contested in 7 assembly constituencies and garnered a total of 34,000 votes. It was placed third in the Mylapore constituency ahead of even parties like BJP and the DMDK.

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