The Indian Secular Code

The UPA Government has stalled the release of the movie Da Vinci code to appease the “minority sentiments”.

This is not the first time that our political class has bent over backwards to appease special interest groups, who claim to “represent” their community. The list is quite long “The satanic verses” by salman rushdie, “Lajja” by Taslima nasreen, The Hollywood blockbuster “The Temple of the Doom” by Steven spielberg, The Marathi Play “Me Naturam godsey boltoy”, and the joke is that our wise censors had even recommended a name change for the James Bond movie “From Russsia with Love” to “From 007 with Love” so as not to “hurt” the “feelings” of our Soviet friends. I’am sure even the soviet politburo would have drank a toast to our childishness.

We need to decide whether we are to become a confident and “aspiring” superpower fully committed to the principles of Democracy and Free speech, not bits and pieces or a “Banana republic” which believes in the state’s “wisdom” to decide what its people can see, do or think.

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