Credit cards, Home loans, Personal loans and now a School too :)

Telemarketing, one of the most irritating aspect of modern day life in Bangalore. Everyday atleast 2-3 marketers sometimes more call up and offer a “Brand” new credit card with “great features” like “Free” Lifetime, 1001% cashback, “Free” Fuel, “Free” Insurance etc..

They somehow think that we are fools and that we don’t know that the catch is always in the fineprint, which is revealed only later at a convenient time of their choosing. Who on earth doesn’t have a bad experience like that?

Coming back to the topic. The latest calls were for a SBI card and a ICICI Bank “International Gold” card which u can supposedly use even in Papua new guinea and Bolivia. It supposedly has a 10% cashback. I’am not joking even my eyes popped out when i heard that until i remembered that phenomenon that was being conveniently hidden away for the moment called the “fineprint”, and the SBI card is supposed to be a WYSIWYG card, meaning it is supposedly not hiding any inconvenient details from you.

How do these people get hold of our numbers? simple. It is not ICICI, ABN-AMRO, Citibank, SBI etc.. who make the calls or collect your forms. It is the “Marketing Agencies” who have been hired to do the grunt work for them. These agencies get a list of numbers from all sources like the clients who hired them, from people who scan the forms which we fill carelessly in shopping malls and retail outlets, perhaps even other agencies whom they trade their “database” with. So once one agency gets hold of your number it is as good as everyone has got it.

Nowadays with the rise in interest rates the calls for Personal loans and Home loans have dried up. But i was shocked out of my wits yesterday when i got a call from a “Premier private” school asking me whether there were any school going kids in our home. well we used to except that we both grew up. They are a little late for me and my brother and a little too early for the next generation 🙂


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