Reservations, look who’s protesting?

On April 5 2006, Arjun Singh the HRD minister in the UPA Govt announced just before the assembly elections were due in 5 states that the government was planning to introduce reservation in the premier institutes like IIMs and IITs for OBCs. The Election commission issued a notice to Arjun singh and also quickly declared him “Not guilty” of its own charge. ok, fine until here. It happens only in Indiaaaaaaaah!!

There was seething anger against this proposal among the students and the youth of the country. Lots of online communities on Orkut and online petitions were started and protests were being organised almost every week( on orkut, ofcourse) and then when it was time who came out onto the streets? Not students from IIMs and IITs or other colleges/universities from across the country but junior doctors. How did this happen? Did i miss something? They were not Online? Maybe they were doing some real background work while their counterparts were busy Online.

This reflects poorly on the organisational skills, political awareness and involvement in the political process of Middle class India. The Middle class never bother to go out and vote or actively participate in the political process. This apathy has now come home to roost. The Politicians need Money and Votes. The Money they get from bribes, kickbacks and rich industrialists. The Votes they get from the Poor. The Middle Class gives neither. So why should the politicians bother about their welfare? Not a single established party has taken up the cause of Middle Class India in this controversy.

Also the political class knows that the students are not well organised, they are emotional and they are used to the easy life. Streetfighting is not their forte. A small sample was issued to them in Mumbai a couple of days ago when protesting medicos where lathicharged. The government later ordered a inquiry into the “incident”.

This and the water cannons used against the protesting students in Delhi is a mild warning from the establishment. Go back home or else!!

Ok, the news just in is that some cops involved in the “incident” have been “suspended”. oh!! poor guys, note down the names of the cops and watch their sizzling career graph from now on :). In India sucking up to your political masters pays rich dividends.


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2 responses to “Reservations, look who’s protesting?

  1. Well..Well…well…
    this is a touchy topic..and it’s’s…
    this came guy is ack.after..
    creating a furore..with the Mandal..commission..
    and now he’s creating..reservations…in PG..seats….
    now we know..y all the brains…of India..go abroad..cos..
    there aren’t enuf…
    and besides..the beauracacy and the reservations..force us to believe we are different..and ..ultimately it comes..down to caste..!!! 😦

  2. it is simple votebank politics. divide and rule in the name of caste, religion, language, region etc.. so that people cannot unite against their corrupt and inefficient rule and their chairs will be safe.

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