Rainy days are here again!!

This must be without doubt the worst summer in many, many years in bangalore. It is so sweltering hot and the mercury has hovered around 35 degrees celsius. The much awaited April showers which usually help bring down the mercury levels was nowhere in sight. April came and went with some sputters of rain here and there.

Then on the evening of Tuesday, May 9th, the much awaited show happened and i had the driver’s seat, quite literally. I was driving from my office to town at 5pm in the evening when the heavy cloudburst caught the bangalore’s usual unruly traffic unawares. i could barely see in front of me. visibility was very much reduced to just a few feet. i could barely make out the outlines of the vehicle in front of me and could make certain it was there only by virtue of its tail lights. also i had to continually wipe the inside of the windshield to avoid fogging of the windows. but, then what is a little inconvenience compared to some good rains. isn’t it? wrong

It has rained continually for 4 days after that with all the usual sideeffects of flooded roads, overflowing drains, falling trees, dangling electric wires, power cuts etc.. and it has not brought down the temperatures at all. infact, it has added humidity to the equation. now we are sweating at the same time as we are getting roasted.


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2 responses to “Rainy days are here again!!

  1. Well..appollo..
    I love rains..but didnt..like the one’s in bangalore… 😦
    Know..y..cos..i fell into a ditch da..in indira nagar..pa..
    apart from tat…i loved the rainy days..and the smell of the mud just after..the showers..aaaaaaah..
    guess..i am a die hard romantic.. 🙂

  2. hmmm……nila that’s not surprising we have incidents where whole cars, buses and trucks have fell into ditches and not been recovered till the rain stopped and the flood waters receded. getting caught in bangalore rains is a lifetime adventure in itself–>

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