The interpretation of Lord Krishna’s quote

I’am reproducing the article below from rajeev srinivasan’s blog. Rajeev srinivasan is a columnist who gives an indian nationalist perspective on issues quite opposite to the communist anti-indian perspective we see in the mainstream media in india.

this article was sent to him by one of his readers who calls himself “Arjuna” no idea whether it is his real name or he is using a handle to give the article more emphasis.

It describes a very misunderstood and misrepresented quote of Lord Krishna from the bhagavad gita. this quote has been misused by generations of indians to justify their inaction and neglect even when the country was ravaged by invaders from all over who looted, raped and tyrannised this great land.

even to this day most indians hide shamelessly behind this misinterpreted quote. hope atleast now we indians at large will change our attitude before it is too late.


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