Krishna !! Please come down and help me !!!

This article is courtesy Shakti.

Hindus, the overwhelming majority of us at least (I would say around 99%), have done a marvellous job of misinterpreting and misunderstanding in every conceivable way almost every scripture which we have inherited from our great Hindu forefathers. It is not surprising that this perversion is so starkly evident in the most widely read and revered Hindu scripture of all, the Bhagavad Gita, especially with respect to the following words of the great Lord of Lords: “Whenever the Dharma shall suffer a decline and the forces of Adharma are on the upswing I will loose myself forth into existence to protect the people of the Dharma, and to destroy all those who stand in the way of the Dharma.” Often we hear this refrain that the state of affairs is so bad at present that we need an Avatar to descend into the filth of humanity and uplift it to a new level. We Hindus have developed a habit of justifying our own cowardice by citing the above words of Lord Sri Krishna from the very scripture of warriors. It seems that every Hindu loud bang has to end with this sorry whimper: Krishna!! Please come down and help me !!!From so many Hindus in various places and at various times one hears the same thing, so much so that this weep-ish outpouring of miserable helplessness, this grovelling refusal to confront the grim reality of India and the world has become the premier hallmark of any religious Hindu. A closer look at the context in which these words were uttered by Krishna will make it perfectly clear in what ugly manner we present-day Hindus (who are, in my humble opinion, entirely unworthy of the title ‘Arya’) have debased and perverted their true meaning. Yes indeed Krishna, the very personification of the Parameshvara, Supreme Lord of all, has promised to assume a human form when the Dharma is in grave peril. This is the covenant of the Lord with his Dharma and the people of the Dharma. One cannot deny the importance of this promise, especially because it is uttered just before the beginning of a great and cataclysmic Dharma-Yuddha, the Maha-Bharata, “the great war of India”. It is the assurance given by the guardian of the eternal Hindu Dharma to Arjuna, the foremost Hindu warrior in the army of Dharma. But whence arises the need for this assurance? Why indeed is the Gita sung by the Lord to Arjuna? Let us go back to the very beginning of the Gita and there we find the confident warrior Arjuna, foremost of archers, asking his charioteer Sri Krishna to place him right in between the two armies so that he can look into the eyes of those warriors who have foolishly invited their own destruction by challenging him. And what happens to Arjuna when he looks at the opposing side and realizes that among the enemy are two people whom he loves and reveres as his gods: his great grandfather Bheeshma and his beloved Guru Dronacharya? What happens to Arjuna when the realization hits him that all his brothers, comrades and soldiers are depending on him, their most powerful warrior, to butcher these two and thus secure victory? Arjuna begins to shake, shiver and tremble. His skin breaks out in goose-pimples. His legs become weak and he is unable to even stand. His body begins to burn and his head starts to whirl. Unable to maintain his composure, his presence of mind destroyed, attacked by a ferocious anxiety the great man slumps into his chariot and weakly admits to Krishna that he is not able any longer to even hold his bow, let alone fight in this great war. In one moment the greatest Hindu warrior of that bygone age is transformed into the meanest Hindu coward of today. It is this great crisis within a great crisis which prompts Sri Krishna to stand up and utter the magnificent Gita, the scripture of warriors, the scripture of the Hindus, with the objective of rescuing Arjuna from his uncharacteristic cowardice and restoring to him his balanced composure, his true warrior-nature. Now my fellow Kshatriyas think for a moment. How easy it would have been for the Supreme Lord, the all-powerful, to simply whip out his divine weapon, the Sudarshana Chakra and utter these words to the despondent warrior Arjuna, (With bollywood tragedy violins playing in the background)�He says� “My poor, poor child. Do not panic. I am here, no? I will take care of everything. My beloved friend here I am, and now watch me as I decimate the entire Kaurava army with just this Sudharshana chakra in the very next moment. If you don’t want to do this then I will do it for you. You just sit there and take it easy, and get the harmonium out and sing some bhajans or do some chanting instead OK?” But is this what Sri Krishna does? Are these the words of Sri Krishna to the weeping warrior? NO! NO! NO! The first words that Sri Krishna utters in the Gita are like the unforgiving crack of a merciless whip and they descend upon Arjuna’s heavy pounding heart like sharp arrows launched by his enemies: “Whence has come upon you this cowardice in this time of crisis, Arjuna? It is un-Hindu; it will win you neither heaven nor glory. Do not give into this weakening hopelessness, it does not suit you. Cast aside this mean faint-heartedness and rise to the fight, Arjuna!!” Swami Vivekananda, that Lion of India, wrote that to understand these first few words of Sri Krishna to Arjuna is to understand the entire purpose of the Gita. This claim has an undeniable ring of truth to it, because throughout the rest of the 700 shlokas of the Gita Sri Krishna continues to ceaselessly exhort Arjuna to stand up and fight. “TASMAAD UTTISHTHA KAUNTEYA YUDDHAYA KRITA NISHCHAYA” THERFORE STAND UP, ARJUNA, DETERMINED TO FIGHT — Throughout the Gita, over and over and over, this is the repeated command of Sri Krishna to Arjuna “Stand up and fight!!” NOT “Sit back, relax and eat loads of greasy prashadam and expand your waistline so you can never see your feet again. “. but instead the Gita is a call to action, and it affirms in no uncertain terms that the Avatar will NOT DO WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. He will guide us through all the twists and turns of the conflict, but it is WE WHO HAVE TO FIGHT. When will we Hindus ever understand that even if the Avatar is right in front of our eyes, even then we will have to stand up and fight??!! Those who wait for the Avatar to come down and rescue them can keep on waiting; For the Avatar will come, He will fulfil his mission and go back to wherever He came from, and these “waiters” will not even know it. As for those weaklings who have the good sense to listen to the words of the Avatar as preserved in the immortal Bhagavad Gita, now is the time to STOP WHINING ABOUT INDIA AND THE WORLD, STOP CRYING FOR HINDUS AND HINDUISM. Muster all your remaining strength and STAND UP!! Gather up your spirit and FIGHT!! Fight with whatever you have got!! Heed the words of the God of warriors who walked the soil of our sacred Motherland: “Make equal happiness and sorrow, gain and loss, victory and defeat, and fight!!” Have we Hindus been reduced to simply hurling some quiet abuse at our opponents? O thank God for your enemies, and rejoice in the peril you face. We are the descendants of Hindu warriors like Chhatrapati Shivaji and Rani Durgavati. So rather than whining and whimpering we should take God to task for giving us such few opponents. You say that when the going gets tough the tough get going. But let us not stop there. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGHER THE TOUGH GET EVEN HAPPIER. Have you not realized yet that this is your supreme test? Do you not know, descendant of Hindus , that this supreme trial is designed by your Master to bring out the strength latent within you, the SHAKTI which sleeps deep within the folds of your bloated lethargy? Before your very eyes the Hindu Dharma is being reborn in the womb of this titanic struggle. If you have eyes to see then you will see it. And the Avatar is not far from us, but He oversees this painful birth as the loving mid-wife. Do you not know who your Master is? He is the Undying Protector of the Hinduism. Have you not understood yet that He is not in some far off heaven but within you? At this very moment He is with you and He waits for that moment when you become merely an instrument in his hands. It is His one task to protect and to advance the Dharma, but He will accomplish His mission through His chosen human instruments. Be assured. Every act of yours which is motivated by nothing except the one single desire to protect and to propagate the Dharma is an act of Krishna. All the work that you selflessly do for Hinduism is Sri Krishna working through you. And if the protection and the propagation of the Hindu Dharma is your foremost reason for existing in this world, then be aware that your yourself have become a channel for the power of the Avatar to manifest itself. Although you were not born an Avatar you have become an Avatar, for the Avatar has taken birth within you. Do not wait for Sri Krishna to be born in the world outside. Prepare yourself for the moment He is born within you. Dedicate yourself selflessly to the Dharma and it will be so. Shakti Marg “A warrior relaxes and abandons himself; he fears nothing.Only then will the powers that guide human destiny open the road for a warrior and aid him. Only then….”



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41 responses to “Krishna !! Please come down and help me !!!

  1. Anonymous

    I totally agree with what u say… a truly misunderstood concept of Krsna exists in todays Hindu mind… it has stated turning towards stupid fanaticism…

    I am touched by this article of yours and if you do not mind I would like to have your permission to give a link of your blo on my blog…

    Thank you,
    Sazeal Shah

    • KR


  2. sure u can give a link to this post.go right ahead–>

  3. I by accident found this blog only to find my own article posted here.Anyway I hope it inspires everyone to do the right thing and the right action just like Krishna Bhagwan would want us to do.So keep of those heavy plates of greasy prashdam and good luck ! Jai Sri Krishna

    Shakti Marg “A warrior relaxes and abandons himself; he fears nothing.Only then will the powers that guide human destiny open the road for a warrior and aid him. Only then….”

  4. Shakti thanks, Now i know the author of the article :). I will put up a link to ur site and attribute it to u. I got this from ur comment on Rajeev’s blog.

  5. Thanks Apollo I did put it up on Rajeevs blog sometime back.BTW, You’re right my real name isn’t Arjuna but people keep on calling me that because of my work and it just caught on.

  6. Arjuna/shakti,

    I read ur article again now and it is really inspiring.Do u maintain a blog? I would like to link to it.

  7. Apollo,

    I haven’t come round to set up a personal blog yet but along with the rest of my friends we do have an online magazine with interesting articles that you could find some inspiring articles.Here’s the link :

  8. thanks arjuna, i have included it in my blogroll. Nidhi bhatia’s article touched a chord. Most of us are hindus only by name we simply do not have any kind of religious education.

    Excellent site.

  9. rk MENON


  10. Hello, my Dear……Tell me , what my photo doing there?….??

  11. GM

    Stupidity has no boundaries.

    Writing without knowing the true meaning of what Lord Krsna is trying to say is stupidity but its correctable.

    Stop speculating my friend (Shakti) and try to understand the “TRUE” meaning of Lord Krsna’s words, they are very simple. Consult someone who really worships Krsna. He will tell you the “TRUTH”. This is advised by Lord Krsna himself in Bhagavad Gita :
    tad viddhi pranipatena pari prasnena sevaya
    upadekshyanti te jnanam jnaninas tattva darsinah.

    May Bhagavan Krsn’s mercy be bestowed upon you.

    A well wisher.

  12. Vinod

    @ GM, yes you are right stupidity has no boundaries. By saying that shakti does not understand the true meaning of lord krishna’s message you just revealed how stupid you yourself are. Your stupidity has indeed no boundaries.

    I read your text and it was very inspiring. You are right, God will only help those who stand up for themselfs. Hindus should stand up,unite, take up arms, form militias and retaliate against those who attack the Hindu Dharma or against those who keep supporting those who carry out attacks against Hindus and the Hindu Dharma.

    The current pseudo-secular government will not protect Hindus and the Hindu Dharma, infact they are too busy working in an alliance with demonic cults/ideologies to annihilate the Hindu dharma and enslave the Hindus.

    Retaliating against those bastards is NOT hindu terrorism but self defence. For the sake of the Hindu Dharma and future Hindu generations a Hindu Revolution is needed very quikly.

  13. apurba

    vagaban,krishana.i believe u.i feel u.i need u.u r my all.

  14. Tom

    Take up arms – are you kidding me? Lord Krishna is not talking to just Hindu’s he is talking to all human beings!

    The supreme lord should be and is beyond our own secular construct and backward ideologies. Rise above the religion and see the message as applicable to all.

    No others are more trapped in illusion as those who think they are somehow beyond the grasp of illusion.


  15. i am 20 years girl i always believe in god but now that time there is many wrong thing happening with me what i want to do i always fail early time god always helped me but now i fill that god krishna not with me and i started doing wrong thing i can not controllon it plz god help me come back ank remain with me i need you and you are my life do not leave me alone i unable to find you with me

  16. Gopal Bhan

    Krsna says that Arjun must fight for Him.
    Similarly we must accept a Guru and fight for Krsna by dedicating our life to Him.
    Those who say good bye to prasadam will also eat something. isn’t it? So Krishna says eat that you offer to me. chap 9
    what is this shaki marg? It is just a new speculative idea from fertile brain.
    Krsna speaks of karma, gyan and bhakti and then declare bhakti as the top most. chap 6

  17. Bhavesh


    Truly inspiring, analytical and innovative.

    Jai Sri Krishna.

  18. Bhavesh

    Awesome analysis.

    innovative and amazing.

    u need to create more awareness and publicity.

    Jai Sri Krishna.

  19. ruma

    I have some question, when something happens which is not in your hand at all, you just suffer silently because of someone’s (at your home) karma, and your dream shatters.. U try to awaken his conciousness but failed. It just happened to me just in the name of marriage. I have never seen such wrong marriage with such a wrong person. He seems like never get any education at all. His filthy words makes me scared so much, I wish I die. I can not imagine some gene working extreme bad. He has nothing, extreme lying habit, no character at all. I am just opposite. Lead a very simple. totally academic life.
    and he is a psycho person. Marriage is a horrible experience for me. just horrible…..I am scared, my whole family scared.

    • Bhima das

      4 years later I have read this sad plea.
      Dear girl, I am an ocean away but Krsna is in your heart..
      Keep turning to Him and you will be protected.
      Embrace Him and He will give you shelter.
      Call on His Name and He will save you.

  20. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HARE KRISHNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. San

    Lord Krishna,
    i truely need your help. Please help me. Im completely surrendered to You and dependent on You.

  22. Joelhiya

    Please help me I want your helppppppppppppppppp

    Please God please help me
    You know who am I and what I need…
    Pleaaaaaseeeeeee helppppp meeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. It was really inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
    I am a Hindu, but i don’t know Sanskrit. I am reading Gita (English Version) every day. Sometimes I am worried if i am understanding the true meaning of it or i am misinterpreting it in my own ways or missing something in the message of the verse.
    Can you help!!!!



  25. Lord krishna please help suddently thats why i am more worried so please help mone y with jewelles may long live lord krishnan help thanks sri krishna jeyam

    • lord krshna never gives jewels or money , he my lord gives moksha the supreme one . once a human being u must accept karma .rest depends on god can change karma.accept life and keep good belief in lord krshna. he will certainly help u.

  26. Sambasivam

    Rascals misinterpret the message as you have done, Genuine love and devotion towards the supreme lord is presented to all souls,lord never addressed his message to so called Hindus. Refer 12 azhvars and foremost acharyas like Ramanujacharya, Madhvacharya, Tulasidas etc life history, you may understand what devotion really is towards supreme lord.

    Its said in shastras through your blunt material senses,its impossible to approach the supreme lord, only way to realise him his holy name.Dont speculate your ideas on Lords activity and his words, there are so many issues that you can contribute in speculating and misguide ignorant people, not Bhagavad Gita please.

  27. kavya prasad

    dear lord krishna is within every one .. he is the savior and the master ,, trust him and see the miracles ..HARE KRISHNA!!!

  28. Lord krishna helps all those when they are need of help.Call krishna with bakthi ,atmost god

  29. Ganesh

    God knows wt kind of debate is going on above..but still one deep thought which seems everybody forgotten..
    Krishna loves u all.. The way ur.. I am just 22 years old n loves reading gita..guys beside fighting with each other fight with ur bad habits n be his loved one..his whole life was full of enjoyment.. So enjoy guys.. He stays in love n not in greed.. Make ur life utsav..RADHE KRISHNA. Jai sri krishna..KRISHNA LOVES U.:)

  30. sridhar gandham

    To some extend i do agree with this post but the only problem that i see that it keeps on referring to Hinduism. Gita was told for entire mankind. That sanatan dharma. And yes god lies within you only thing is u need to realize him he give answers to all your problem, He guides you, it just our fears and laziness stops us to follow those instruction. I have read 5 to 6 version of gita and have done my own analysis. What i deduce from it is every thing is interconnected. the love that you show to krishna if u show same love to some other god like shiva ganesh allah or jesus it fine because supreme personality doesn’t have a form or characteristic. just like we feel cold when our body temperature is hot and environment is cold. Similar the universe will be pleasant for you if u are in sync with it. Bhakti helps you to attain it. it helps you to achieve gratitude, carmness ,peace and empathy. Because of which you feel love inside and so does universe replies to you through your thought. Each hindu deity represent a particular character of human being. Like
    Vishnu represent a leadership some times an idea also (he hold a flower-to appreciate people who work under him,A gada to align his subordinate to a common goal, a chochshell for communication skill and a chakra which represent a never ending self analysis to make sure ego and darkness doesn’t creep inside him) any person who has all this charter become vishnu thats the reason at asame time there are multiple vishnu avatar present like RAM and PARASURAM similarly KRISHNA and PARSHURAM.
    Shiva stand for determination ( A determined person can achieve any thing whether he is animal or human or insect ) hence shiva is call bolenaath he never differentiate creature. A determinate person has a special attraction people appreciate him for his effort to achieve goal. Hence shiva has a moon on his head. He is alway in tapa. Tapa can be any thing if u are studying it is a kind of TAPA. If you are a sportsman and you are practicing it is a tapa. Shiva lives in kailash where every thing is cold.He is out of worldly interaction when u study intensely you reach kailash because at that point you cut yourself from the world. Shiva vahan is bull. What is bull famous for ??? it use used in Farm it represent hard work.Hence determination rides on handwork. every attribute of every hindu god represents humans ability all of them you have, it just you are not realizing your shiva your vishnu. To sum up here is a brief list of god and goddess and what they represent.
    Ganesh- intelligent (to solve problem vahan mouse it goes deep hence represent you analytical skill in minute level to break a problem(axe) to fix and resemble the solution(rope)
    Kartike- Confidence
    saraswati-Knowledge (memory bread(repeated going through you study material, Veda (you engg / doctor /etc book), veena in two hand is practicals
    that 2:1:1 ratio, She also wear a peacock feather which i’ll explain later
    Laxmi- Love (hold two flower Appreciation, 1 ashirwad mudra represents don’t be scared, and a palm facing downward give happiness/love as much as possible) common miss understanding she gives wealth. Wealth can be financial it can be emotional.
    Durga-Emotions(fear, anger, love , knowledge, careful) hence some texture say saraswati and laxmi are her daughters.
    Hanuman:- Dedication (hence u can see him prayed at Gym as well as among married couple) hanuman is also said to be an avatar of shiva as when shiva (determination) fall in love with Mohini(leader) hanuman(dedication) was born.
    At last to sum up every thing The virat swaroop which krishna showed to arjuna he show all these god in himself an he knew the reality.
    Most importantly Krishna wear a peacock feather. Just use your common sense what does it looks like ??? An Eye. What does eye do it observes.
    so look around you and observe look inside you and observe and you will get all your solution.
    Be blessed be love.

  31. B.C Mouli

    When personal philosophies are floated around, this is the problem. When talking about Gita or other Shruthi granthas, take reference to official commentry offered by Great teachers like AdiShankara etc… We call the original scriptures as Pramanams… It is not directly understandable and hence these commentry by different acharyas…

  32. Riya

    Krishna is lot more than what we see, understand and interpret. We have only known a little nail of little finger ( considering god is like us) of the SUPREME POWER. The whole lord is still not discovered. The brain u & we all using to discuss about him is also his creation
    .what Gita says is Impossible to get through completely. But yes Krishna makes us understand the gita the way He wants we should understand it (for each and every individual ). He is with us always and guides us as our life continues. There is no debate on my home is beautiful or yours . Ans is always mine. Likewise always My thought is better than yours. No Debate. But apart from this believe is true debate makes it far . Do not forcibly put your thought. Everyone’s thought is given by lord himself what is suitable for him. If everyone thinks alike world will become a stage of only one type person.

  33. Arup Kumar Dey

    Riya….thank u for you beautiful comment….

  34. jyotsna

    nice article

    • Akhilesh

      I satisfied with Riya’s comment but understand that Krishna showed 2 way to reach him Gyan and Bhakti Yoga and both way teaches us to do right things, right action but doing the things with devotion is better then woorking in Gyan Yoga.

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