Are newspapers useless crap?

No, they are not.newspapers are useful crap. I found a new use for it lately. to wipe the windshield of my car. one of my friends on abhi advised me to use wet newspaper to clean the windshield. i was quite puzzled and when i asked some other ppl they too were as puzzled as me. so after trying out the soft cloth, cotton cloth, etc.. and nothing seemed to work satisfactorily i decided to try this one out. i took a bottle of water and tried it on the passenger side of the windshield and i was amazed at the result.then i used it all over the windshield and now it literally sparkles and i’am now able to see the dood in front of me ever more clearly before i run over him heheheh 🙂

PS – please use only regular newspaper for this not use those sleazy supplements like the bangalore times to clean ur windshiled it might scratch the windshield.

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