Dictatorship or democracy?

Ah!! the many virtues of dictatorship. a “great leader” in command of the country. he utters and it happens.
He says let the trains run on time and they have no choice but to run on time.
He says let the potholes go away and they disappear in no time.

this is the romantic image of a dictatorship that people in our country have. they see the indiscipline and corruption prevalent in our society and chaotic conditions on the road and wish for a iron hand to set all things in proper order.

unfortunately dictators are a very inconsiderate lot. they have their own agenda and if u don’t agree with them u might end up hanging on a meathook.

How many times has this happened in human history. people raise someone to the status of a living god, a messiah, a saviour etc.. and that fellow steadily accumulates power into his own hands and starts getting rid of all those he sees as “inconvenient” and by the time he shows his true colors it is too late to do anything about it. he simply cannot be stopped.

The names roll out thru the ages and they come from every nook and corner of the globe caligula, nero, aurangzeb, hitler, stalin, mao tse tung, saddam hussein, the regime of iran etc..

each one of the above started with lot of promise but deteriorated into reigns of terror many times worse and inhumane than the regimes they replaced. corruption, nepotism or inefficiency did not decrease one bit under their iron hand. the only thing that they did more efficiently was terrorise people and wipe out all traces of dissent. they all had the secret police who were ruthless in their job to monitor the population for any signs of disobedience to authority. this is true today in china who our commie “intellectuals(sic!)” admire so much. it is a out and out police state where ppl are murdered or jailed everyday for showing any signs of deviating from the official path. the economic boom that china is showing is typical of that shown by any police state in the past like nazi germany or stalinist soviet union. they invest large sums of money in white elephants like bridges, dams, factories etc.. and once this profligacy comes home to roost the bubble is burst and the state either collapses or is now only held together by sheer terror of its ruling elite led by “The Dictator”. they have scant respect for the lives of the people and are not averse to use them as cannon fodder in wars or “great leap forwards(to where??)” social experiments which have caused famines and killed millions of people.

I for one think that democracy is best. The problems we are facing today in our country is due to excessive “socialist” influence. who the hell is marx and why the hell should he be some kind of icon for india? get rid of him pronto!!

Also our failure to devise a system to suit our needs and conditions but instead depending on a cut copy paste(from the british, american, canadian and timbuktu rituals) and tinker as the one in power(like nehru, indira or rajiv or whoever can buy some MPs vote) wants constitution.

not being transparent enough. our bureaucrats hate telling people more than what they think that the people should know. which is very little by the way.

the freedom of speech that makes this blog possible is in itself a great asset of democracy. it lets ideas be freely debated without having to please the whims and fancies of a one “great man”. without having to look behind u r back, without suspecting that one of your friends or family might report u to the secret police.

so next time some one walks up to me and says that in his divine wisdom that india’s problems will be solved by a “great dictator”. i’am not listening dodo :-).save ur wisdom for u r drinking buddies.



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2 responses to “Dictatorship or democracy?

  1. aaaargh! apollo unckallll!!!
    this almost makes my blog look bad!


  2. Hi siri, how does this post make ur blog look bad?:-).i’am puzzled now.

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