The Best Driver in Town!!

At last i have mastered the art of driving. i got my driver’s licence and i have trained myself in the zen art of half-clutch driving and changing the tyres though the art of parallel parking seems to elude me still. i’am able to coast down every morning and evening between my home and office without much issue.i have become instinctively wary about people overtaking from the left and people who insist on driving at a snail’s pace on the fast lane. the traffic sense is awfully pathetic among people in bangalore and one has to be really aware about what is happening all around. there can be real nasty surprises even for a veteran driver let alone a new one.

Me and my cousin went on a long drive to mysore this weekend and it was real cool.the road conditions seems to have improved a lot even though some 30% of the road is not finished yet.the potholes still remain at stretches within some city limits and traffic is reduced to a crawl at such places. otherwise we touched 100 kmph at many stretches along the highway.

I’am still not clear what needs to be done to get the award of the best driver in Town. does one get this award by following all the traffic rules judiciously or by just getting from here to there without running over something and not scratching the car traffic rules be damned!!.

The Way ppl drive around the city it looks like it is Law of the jungle and only the fittest will survive



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4 responses to “The Best Driver in Town!!

  1. amen!!!!
    Bangalore traffic is sooo sad….
    i have found the best remedy!
    I DONT ride….and have sworn not to learn to drive!!!there!…id rather take a rick or yes walk(sth i loveee doing!)

  2. Hi siri,

    i understand ur dilemma. the traffic is too disorderly and requires a lot of patience to ride or drive:-).

    one more thought why do so many girls prefer the Honda activa. i feel the vehicle is too unstable and prone to toppling in case one has to brake suddenly.


  3. honda activa???in fact i have the same concerns…..i have tried riding it once i think and its way tooo heavy…..unstable is the wrd!!!!
    also the ubiquitous scooty(pep,hep and all its poorer cousins) is way tooo light and unstable….heck y bother?i hate riding to the T…stopped it almost entirely!
    coming back to the traffic part….its more the drivers than the gaadis….esp people with fab mercs,skodas,mitsubishis’ etc etc that drive around with the smoothness of jatka gaadi riders!phew!!!

    I have begun to judge ppl by their driving skills these days!

  4. hahaha!! 🙂 most of the ppl with these fancy cars bought it because they could afford it and got their DL because they could bribe the RTO wonder they end up being lost and flustered on bangalore’s unruly traffic.

    n the taxi, bus n auto drivers think they r next only to god in driving ability. u should see how they overtake from left and try to get into some small gap or try beating the traffic signal before it turns red and then they realise they r human after all :-)).

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